RockShox XC30 vs Suntour XCR: Pick the Best Fork!

Upgrading the mountain bike to peak performance is any rider’s dream.

And changing the fork has so much to offer to reach that dream. 

Speaking of tuning forks, RockShox XC30 and Suntour XCR are two of the most debated forks. Their consistency and popularity make it difficult for many to make a choice.

RockShox XC30 vs Suntour XCR, which one you should use?

Suntour XCR is a lighter fork than RockShox XC30. The XCR also has a higher stanchion than XC30. Now speaking of cost, XCR is cheaper than XC30. Unfortunately, it is comparatively hard to find replacing parts for XCR than XC30. Thus, the comparison goes on.

However, to actually choose the right fork, you need to know a thing or two first.

And I am here to back you up! This article can give the required information you will need.

So, grab that purse. It’s time to buy some forks!

RockShox XC30 Vs Suntour XCR: Quick Overview

It’s best to start with a quick overview of the comparing factors between XC30 and XCR. This way, you’ll be able to have an overview of the features of both the forks. 

So, let’s see what RockShox XC30 and Suntour XCR got for us:

Features to compareRockShox XC30Suntour XCR
Stanchion30 mm32 mm
PartsEasy to findHard to find
Recoil control featureAvailableUnavailable
Best forLightweight usersHeavyweight users
MaintenanceLow maintenanceRequires comparatively high maintenance
Rebound ControlGood Average
Customization and Add-onsHighly customizableLimited
PriceAround $120-140Around $80-120

These are some of the remarkable features of XC30 and XCR. 

You might still find it hard to understand one or two factors in the table. So we bring you an elaborated take on the important features to help you understand better!

RockShox XC30 Vs Suntour XCR: Detailed Comparison

Now it’s better to go a bit deeper. XC30 and XCR both forks have some really good sides. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not prone to having any cons!

Unlike the scarce differences between RockShox Sid and Reba, these pros and cons can be significant.

Thus, a detailed XC30 and XCR will clear out any existing confusion over which one is better!


RockShox XC30 and Suntour XCR have different stanchions. And this value of stanchion can make a lot of differences. Especially in the stiffness.

RockShox XC30 spec comes with a stanchion of 30mm. On the other hand, Suntour XCR has a stanchion of 32mm.

RockShox XC30 vs Suntour XCR: Pick the Best Fork!


Now bigger stanchion means more stiffness for a bike. In other words, the handling becomes more stable. This might come at the expense of a bit extra effort in steering. It also makes it difficult to control the bike while taking short turns. 

Therefore, the XC30 will provide you with better short-distance control. You can easily take hard turns while riding. 

The ride may be rather a bumpy one. At least, you won’t lose control while taking turns!

Meanwhile, The XCR can give you a stable riding experience. You can jump high, just like using a big fork with your frame. And you won’t even lose control!

So, bigger stanchion on lower stanchion? Your call.

Load Capacity

Basically, XC30 and XCR both forks have specific suspension capability. And because of their stanchion difference, they carry different amounts of weight.

What is the RockShox XC30 load capacity?

According to RockShox XC30 review, the XC30 can heavier weight compared to XCR. 

Now why the weight varies?

It’s because of the stanchion.

The more the stanchion the lesser the weight it can carry.  XC30 has a stanchion of 30mm whereas XCR has a stanchion of 32 mm. Because of the increased stanchion, the XCR will give you a mass penalty. The XCR won’t be able to carry heavy-weight things. 

Actually, the air inside the suspension can not take extra weight.

On the other hand, XC30 has a lesser stanchion than XCR. Undoubtedly it can carry more weight than XCR.

RockShox XC30 vs Suntour XCR: Pick the Best Fork!


So, while choosing the fork, see if you need it for lightweight use or heavyweight use.

If you are a lightweight user, then XCR can be perfect for you. Otherwise, you have to choose XC30.

Parts Availability

There always remains a possibility that you may have to change your suspension fork components. These keep your bicycle in top shape and ensure easier suspension fork maintenance.

And thus the question arises, of whether you can find the parts or not.

Apparently, it is difficult to find parts for a Suntour XCR fork. The components of Suntour XCR are way rarer. 

Thus most of the time, you have to reuse the part by repairing the components again.

However, it’s not like you will not find any parts at all! You will find parts. For that, you have to search a lot. And even if you find them, they can be way expensive.

Meanwhile, replaceable parts are easily available for XC30. They are not as rare as XCR. 

So, if your XC30 needs some part replacement, You can easily find the parts and use them. Getting your hands on XC30 rebound adjuster knob is very easy if you’re looking for it online.

Because of the availability issue, XCR users have to change their fork frequently. The components for XCR are rare. It will take a miracle to find components for XCR. 

Therefore, if the fork gets damaged and you can’t use it, then you can’ repair it. 

Eventually, after a short period, the fork gets damaged and you have to get another fork.

An XC30 can be used for an extended period. And the reason for it is pretty simple as well.

Moreover, it’s easy to work with RockShox XC30 adjustment

So, whenever a component gets damaged, you can simply buy a new part. Then replace it. And this way, the RockShox XC30 upgrade can be easily done.

A vital element of maintaining a suspension fork is the lubricants used in it. And a slight difference in lube quality can result in a noticeable difference in performance. Not only does a quality lubricant lasts longer than a regular lube, it also reduces friction. 

To keep your suspension fork in top-notch shape, we prepared a list of some of the best lube brands. Here, have a look:

These lubes are the best of their kind and their overly positive reviews speak in their favor. With these, you can get an extra edge over your performance. Take the next leap in your riding experience. 

Time to Make a Choice!

Rider, it is time to select one fork, either RockShox XC30 or Suntour XCR.

RockShox XC30 can give you a bumpy ride. And a bit expensive. However, it is durable, and you can use it for heavy-duty purposes. 

Ultimately you can use XC30 for a long time. 

RockShox XC30 vs Suntour XCR: Pick the Best Fork!


Suntour XCR may not last as long as XC30, but you can take it as a basic fork. Plus, it’s cheaper. 

Although the XCR is less durable than XC30, you can enjoy a stable ride. And if you are a lightweight user, XCR can be the best call for you!


Are Suntour XCM and XCR the Same?

Not really. XCM and XCR almost have the same structure. However, there are some differences. The primary difference is that XCM is lighter than XCR. And the suspensions are technically closer than that of  XCR. Besides, you cannot use the XCM for taking higher jumps.XCM is not perfect for the hilly tracks.

Judy vs RockShox Reba: Which One Is Good?

Judy is more flexible compared to Reba. Thus, the bike control will become stable. However, Judy has a more comfortable seat than Reba. Judy is good for light rides. But if you enjoy frequent extreme rides through hilly tracks, Reba is your best option. Because Reba has a stiffer control than Judy.

Are There Any Differences Between Suntour Raidon and RockShox XC30? 

Suntour Raidon and Rockshox XC30 has quite a few differences. XC30 is much of a beginner-level fork. Whereas Suntour Raidon is an advanced-level fork. XC30 is not an air fork like Raidon. You cannot change the rate of suspension of the XC30. 

End of The Trail

We reached the end of this comparison guide. RockShox XC30 vs Suntour XCR, you know which one to choose. 

You can go to any mountain bike experts for further tips. If you have any confusion though.

Have a  great day then!

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