Rockshox Recon RL Upgrade: Different Options Explored!

Going through a cross-country trail, and shredding through the dirt is a cloud nine experience. Mountain biking or trailing is an adventure. 

Having the best fork on your bike is undoubtedly an important factor to consider. One of the best value-for-money options for enthusiasts is Rockshox Recon RL. 

In fact, you can have a Recon RL and then upgrade its components. 

So, what are the options for Rockshox Recon RL upgrade?

Firstly, upgrading your Recon RL fork is subjective to your own specific need. There are various options for parts and setup that you can upgrade to fulfill your need. Springs, motion control unit and valve upgrades are effective in giving you extra performance. 

Knowing this whole topic in detail will give you a better grasp. So, hop in, and let’s journey through the information.

Rockshox Recon Overview

To obtain a cost-effective market for the brand’s fork system, RockShox created the recon line. This is a high-value, cross-country heavy-duty fork with stanchions of 32 mm. 

It comes with a travel distance of 80 mm to 150 mm. But it is not equipped with the boost spacing. A recon fork can accommodate up to 2.8” tires. But that too without any fenders. 

Rockshox Recon RL Upgrade: Different Options Explored!

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Even within the recon line, there are two different trims of specifications that are sold. Let’s talk about these two types of forks.

The Rockshox recon gold RL is a more advanced fork with a motion control damper equipped within. This gives it better control in jumps and travel speed. Also, the upper legs are black anodized. Giving them far better durability.

Recon RL Upgrade Options

Upgrading a Recon RL fork has many paths that you can take. It has several variations depending on your need. 

You can also upgrade your fork for the very specific type of biking you want to do. Making your fork a unique part of your biking adventures. 

But before even starting the process, you will need to ask yourself a question. Will you upgrade the fork using the Rockshox Recon upgrade kit or any aftermarket kits? 

This is totally dependent on what type of upgrade you want to do. As well as, which one is preferable for you.

But as we have looked through the options, we can give you some advice. Try not to buy aftermarket upgrade kits. 

Most of them tend to have fitting issues. Using the original Rockshox upgrade product lets you have easy upgrade work.

So that the doubt on the upgrade kit is dealt with. Let’s go through the upgrade kits that the manufacturer provides by themselves.

Debonair Spring Upgrade

This is RockShox’s top-of-the-line air spring. In comparison to the regular Solo Air design, it utilizes a larger volume self-balancing negative pressure spring. 

This is to provide a lower breakaway force for greater minor bump tolerance. As well as a more linear beginning stroke.

While upgrading the spring, make sure you do not jam up any parts.

Otherwise, you might have to deal with the issue of your Rockshox reverb getting stuck down.

Using the Rockshox debonair upgrade kit 2021 is preferable. As it is the latest and has a better traveling spring. 

Dual Position Air Spring Upgrade

It is an air spring that allows you to adjust the travel externally. That is also up to 30mm. Upgrading the air spring to a dual position air spring makes your travel adjustment smoother. It eases pressure on the neck of the fork.

Air spring upgrading is simple as disassembling the fork and replacing the spring. If it is a coil spring or a single air spring, just get that out of the housing and install it.

Sag Gradients Upgrade

To make setup easier, RockShox is the only brand that anodized sag marks onto their fork legs. Except for the inexpensive forks. Each one of their forks includes this function. 

This is a very good upgradable part. It will give you a better leeway in ride height and balance.

Solo Air Spring Upgrade

On RockShox forks, this is the normal air spring. It’s named Solo air because all you have to do is add air to one valve. And the spring will automatically equalize the negative chamber. 

They used to have a Dual Air spring at one point. That necessitated you to accomplish this through a secondary valve, thus the name. It works just like the RockShox Recon travel spacer.

Precautions Before Starting the Upgrading Process

There are a lot of ways you can upgrade your Recon RL fork. So, you should remember some things. One of which is if your upgrading kit is suitable for your fork and your bike. And the other is how to adjust Rockshox recon RL

Having a good upgrade kit for your specific performance gain yet affects the overall rideability is bad. Also, you will need to set up the RockShox recon RL beforehand. Setting up and adjusting is a simple process you can do by reading the manual.

Before buying any upgrade kit, you should first check the compatibility with your fork.

But for your ease, we’ve listed the Rockshox Recon rl upgrade kits of the finest quality.

 And whether it is good for your desired performance gain. Sometimes you may need to alter the design by drilling the frame or rods. Like when your fork is huge .

These alterations are to accommodate the upgrades you are installing. In this case, you may need a good precise metal drilling tool. A handheld drilling machine would be the best option. 

Here are some of our recommended brands from which you can buy.

These little drilling machines are precise and good for doing these upgrade jobs. It is better if you invest in them. That will give you hassle-free upgrade work in the future.

Rockshox Recon RL is definitely a worthy fork to upgrade. This fork is so popular that even electric bikes are using it.

That is all we have to say about this discussion.


Have some more queries? This segment might help you.

Is the RockShox Recon RL a good fork?

Yes. The RockShox Recon RL is a durable and strong fork. It’s good. Plus, its affordability is what gives the customers incentive to buy this fork. It provides 100 mm of travel to the riders.

What does a lockout mean on a mountain bike suspension?

A lockout on a mountain bike suspension means it prevents the shock from compressing.  And “locks out” the shock in a set position. This is utilized at specified moments while riding to help avoid the suspension from wobbling and wasting pedaling energy.

When should I lock my mountain bike suspension?

You should lock mountain bike suspension when climbing a lengthy non-technical path. Or, cycling great distances on a flat surface.  It’s recommended to lock out the suspension of your mountain bike. 


That is all we have on the topic of the RockShox Recon RL upgrade.

Upgrading any component can be tricky to decide. But we hope that this has given you the necessary information to clear the confusion. 

If you still have some doubts or questions, better ask a professional.

And as always, happy cycling!

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