RockShox SID vs Reba: Choose Your Preferred Fork!

Anyone who’s constantly upgrading their bicycle knows RockShox. RockShox is known for its suspensions. They’ve been leading the development of mountain bikes since they formed. 

The Reba and SID are two of the best forks ever made by RockShox. But no one really knows which one’s better. So, we also ask-

Which one’s better between RockShox SID vs Reba? 

Reba has more wheel size options than SID. And when it comes to the max-width of the tire, Reba can fit more. In terms of flexibility and stiffness, Reba is more Flexible compared to a stiffer SID. And if we also look at the durability, Reba wins. However, SID is the most expensive one of these two.

That’s not enough before choosing the right fork for your bike. You should examine it a bit more before deciding to buy one. And I’ve compared them extensively here. 

So, let’s get into it!

Reba vs RockShox SID: Key Comparisons

Before we dive into a more detailed comparison let’s look at the key points first. These key points will help you understand the gist of our discussion. 

Let’s not wait any longer and dive right into 

Wheel Size Option1 Wheel size option ( 29”)2 Wheel size option ( 27.5” and 29”)
Fork Width Fork width up to 60 mmFork width up to 62 mm and 81 mm
FlexibilityStifferMore Flexible 
Durability Less durable More durable 
Price $867 – $908$537 – $612
Where to BuyCheck latest priceCheck latest price

These are all the key points that you need to keep in mind. You should be able to easily go through with the detailed description that we’re about to go into next. 

RockShox SID vs Reba: Detailed Comparison 

Do you have all the key points in mind? It’s good if you do but if not here’s a graphical comparison with some relative data points to compare these two forks.

RockShox SID vs Reba: Choose Your Preferred Fork!

Now let’s go over to the details!

Wheel Size Options 

Let’s talk about the wheel size options first. People use different types of bicycles for different types of reasons. Some use them for commuting, some for racing, and some for training. 

Different sizes of wheels serve different purposes. Like, people use BMX for doing tricks and these bikes always have really small wheels. 

Anyways, both SID and Reba have limitations in wheel sizes. RockShox Reba has 2 options, 27.5 and 29 inches. 

RockShox SID vs Reba: Choose Your Preferred Fork!

Source: Bike Exchange

Keep in mind that Reba offers 700C and ISO 622 mm. This is also the only option rockshox sid fork offers. 

You can find road bikes, gravel bikes, mountain bikes, and touring bikes with wheel size options from 26 to 29 inches. 

Whereas, SID has only one size option, which is 29 inches. And this isn’t something where you can just put a 26” wheel on a 27.5 fork

If you use a wheel that doesn’t fit your fork, you’ll lose efficiency. Sure you might get a few advantages but you’ll still lose efficiency. 

Summary: In terms of wheel size options, Reba has more options compared to SID. So you might be inclined to say that it’s more flexible thus, Reba takes the lead. 

Fork Width 

Fork width comes into play when you’re someone who uses different types of tires. Or more accurately, different widths of tires. 

Other factors like where you’ll be riding come to play here as well. If you’ll be using your bike on the road, you’ll be using thin tires. 

But you don’t have to worry about that. Because you probably already know your tire width. 

SID supports up to 60 mm width tires. But Reba on the other hand has a max-width limitation of 62 mm and 81 mm. 

RockShox SID vs Reba: Choose Your Preferred Fork!

Source: Flow Mountain Bike

But these forks are perfect in size. You don’t have to worry about your forks being too big

Summary: So, Reba has the upper hand here. Because they provide you with more maximum limits. Well, we can consider Reba as the winner here.


The durability of your fork is a very important factor when you’re buying one. It’s actually what most people check when they buy a fork. 

Both these forks are made by the same company. And they use the same type of materials to make them both. But the difference comes in something else. 

And that is, the fact that if they’re weight-optimized or not. Now, SID is weight-optimized. But, Reba on the other hand isn’t. 

And since SID is weight-optimized, it’s made to have the lowest amount of weight necessary. The weight of RockShox SID is 1326 grams. The RockShox SID SL is one of the lightest ever forks out there.

As you are not using SID for tough terrains, you don’t need more materials. So, you are good to go with a weight-optimized SID.

But there’s no such thing about Reba. Reba is heavier than SID as it is built with more materials. 

Summary: With extra materials, comes extra weight. This weight will give you a smooth ride on tough terrain. And this makes Reba more durable than SID. So, in terms of durability, Reba takes the win.

Flexibility or Stiffness

The flexibility or stiffness of your fork is very important. For different types of terrain, you’ll need different types of forks

For example, if you’re on the road, you’ll need a stiff fork. Or a fork that’s not too flexible. If your fork is too flexible on the road, you’ll lose speed. 

To keep your speed up to the level, you’ll need a stiff fork. But that’s not the case when you’re on the mountain. 

On a mountain, you’ll prefer a flexible fork. A flexible fork will help you go over those bumps more easily. 

RockShox SID vs Reba: Choose Your Preferred Fork!


If your fork is stiff on the mountain, the bumps will hit right in your back. And the shakes might go to your head too sometimes. 

Now, to consider which one’s stiffer, we’ll say it’s the RockShox SID. And the Reba is more flexible obviously. 

There are quite a few models of the Reba. But they’re all more or less pretty good on mountains. The RockShox Reba RL is currently hype in the market though. 

We can’t pick out a winner from this section. Because this is a matter of preference. 

If you need a stiffer fork, you’ll have to go with the SID. And if you need a more flexible fork, go with the Reba. 

Keep in mind where you’ll be riding your bike though. If you’re using the SID and go to a mountain, you’ll feel nothing but discomfort. 

And if you take the Reba on the road, you’ll lose speed. 

Summary: So, it’s a tie here. Looking for flexibility? Reba is perfect for you. But if you’re looking for something stiff, SID should be the one for you. 


The last thing we need to mention is the pricing of the forks. They’re both great forks and come at great prices. 

The price of SID ranges between $867 and $908. And the price of Reba ranges between $537 and $612. 

You might easily feel inclined to buy the cheaper one. And that’s what most people will do. 

But you might wanna consider buying the SID as well. When you’re riding on a hard pitch, you’ll be able to get great handling with SID. 

The small bumps on the road won’t slow you down in the least bit. 

Summary: Then again, Reba is very balanced with its performance and weight. So our winner is going to be Reba in this section. That doesn’t mean SID isn’t worth it for the price. It’s still completely worth it for what it offers at that price. 

Which One to Choose?

You have all the information now. It’s now time for us to find out which one is the better fit for you.

It always comes down to which purpose you’re trying to accomplish by buying anything. And it’s the same here as well!

Usually, if you’re going for a normal stroll on a usual road you need a fork that’s stiff and usually has a variety of tire size options. You won’t be needing much durability while casually riding your bike.

In that case, it’s better if you get yourself a RockShox SID. 

On the other hand, if you’re thinking about using a mountain bike then you’ll need something else. Like better flexibility with a much more durable fork. It’ll help you to achieve better control in uneven terrain.

Also, money won’t be an issue if you’re a mountain biker. So, if you want to go on an adventure with your bike in challenging terrain you should go for the RockShox Reba. 


Is RockShox Reba better than Judy?

Compared to Reba, Judy is much more flexible. Judy only seems more responsive and stable if you bring Reba out in front of it. But if you’re looking for height, Reba has it more than Judy. Also, you won’t feel squishy from using Reba. 

What’s the cheapest RockShox?

If you have a cheaper budget you can go for RockShox Recon RL, Rockshox Recon Silver TK, and Manitou Markhor. These forks come in $500 or less. So, these are one of the best if you want to spend fewer bucks. 

What’s the lightest RockShox fork?

The lightest RockShox fork would be the SID SL. They made this fork in 2021 with a view to making it the lightest fork ever. The best thing about this fork is none of the features were compromised. And it is still as stiff as it was before. 


Now you know what to choose when it comes to choosing between RockShox SID vs Reba. You just need to understand the factors and choose wisely. 

Remember, if you want flexibility, go with Reba. And if you want stiffness, go with SID. That’s all we had to offer for today!

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