How to Fix Alfine 8 Speed Noise? 4 Different Solutions!

Today we will talk about the gear hub of your bike. Alfine 8 speed usually is quiet and maintenance-free. 

That’s why if we hear a loud grinding noise from this hub it’s normal to be freaked out. Your hub might run fine but isn’t the sound a little bothering?

Well, if you want a quiet ride let’s know how to fix Alfine 8 noise.

There are several reasons behind the noise of Alfine 8. Chain tension is the most common one. Dry chains, dirty chain lines, and unadjusted joints can also cause noise. To silence it you can fix the tension of your chain. Use lubricant and clean the chains regularly to avoid noise. 

Are you still confused? Just stick with us till the end to get the simple yet detailed explanation.

Why am I Hearing Alfine 8 Noise?

There are several reasons behind this noise. Let’s go through it one by one to clear all of your confusion.

How to Fix Alfine 8 Speed Noise? 4 Different Solutions!


One of the most common reasons behind this noise is chain tension. If you are using Alfine 8 speed for a few months the chain can start being tight. As you are riding the chain will make noise because of the compactness.

If you are not using any lubricant, like grease or oil the chain will remain dry. Dry chains create noise while riding.

Common chain cyclists use is the 3/32” one. But if you observe you will notice that this is noisier than the 1/08” chains. 3/32” might be flexible for you but it comes with the noise. 

The chain line of your cycle should be from the center of the frame to the center of the chain. 

If your chain line is off the point you will hear an annoying noise from the rear. You should fix the chain line for noiseless efficient transmission. 

If your bike has a worn-out bearing it will feel rough, metallic, and dry. So you will not be able to ride comfortably and quietly.

The noise can also rise when the bearings of the Alfine 8 speed are not adjusted correctly.

If you have wobbly cassettes or loose sprockets your Alfine 8 speed hub will make noise. During manufacturing, some hubs come with imperfect cassettes.

You should tighten your cassettes properly to avoid this noise.

If you ride regularly it’s normal to get some dirt in the Alfine 8 speed cassette joint or sprocket. The dirt will tighten the joints while you are riding. And it will make noise.

If you don’t adjust your cable gear properly you will hear noise while shifting. To avoid ghost shifting you need to fix this.

Keep in mind that bearings can be water-damaged. Usually, moisture-induced problems will create a certain noise while you ride.

You should use the white grease that comes with the hub or other gearbox oil. Because using the wrong lubricant will also create unnecessary noise. 

Now, let’s jump into the ways to avoid Alfine 8 noise.

How Can I Avoid Alfine 8 Noise?

To have a quiet and efficient riding experience you need to go through some methods. Avoiding Alfine 8 noise is not that tough. So hop on and let’s know more about it!

Method 1: Fixing The Tension of Your Chain

You need to fix the tension of the gear chains to avoid noise. 

To fix that take a wrench and loosen one of the track nuts. Lose the bottom bracket of the cycle. You should also check how long a bottom bracket lasts or the track nuts.

Here are our go-to wrenches for this: 

Now pull the wheel towards the loose side. This will move the axle back.

After doing this, tighten the other nut. Now you can check if the tension of your chainline decreased or not. If not, do the method again.

Method 2: Using The Right Lubricant Properly 

Using the right lubricant will smooth the chain line. It will also improve the engagement with the cassettes and sprockets.

Choose your bike lube carefully keeping the weather in mind. It’s easier if you use a bottle or a spray.

Keep your bike in a hanging position so that the wheels are free. Now, start pedaling with your hand backward.

While you are pedaling with your hands, spray or pour the lube on the chains. Make sure the lube gets in every part of the chains properly. 

A couple of backpedals is all you need to pour the lubricant correctly. Lubing your chain line properly is very significant for this method.

You can use the lube or grease that comes with your bike. Or you can even choose from these amazing bike lubes we have suggested. Check them out!

Method 3: Adjust Sprockets and Cassettes 

If you have loose sprockets and cassettes they will make unwanted noise. So keeping all the joints adjusted properly will get rid of the noise.

The Alfine 8 two gear has two trains. Having any loose joints will start a ticking sound. 

Keep your cycle in a hanging position. Take your wrench and loosen up the left crank arm to remove the wheels. Now start adjusting the sprockets and cassettes.

How to Fix Alfine 8 Speed Noise? 4 Different Solutions!


You can follow the instruction guide that comes with your bike to adjust the sprockets and cassettes properly.

Make sure to adjust the wheels and the left crank arm after finishing up. If you don’t, the left crank arm will keep coming loose.

The adjustment might be critical so we suggest you take this to a professional.

Method 4: Clean The Hub

As we mentioned above it’s pretty normal to get some dirt inside the Alfine 8 chainline or the hub. You need to clean this before it gets too noisy.

Take a rag and put isopropyl alcohol onto it. You can also use water to make the rug wet. 

How to Fix Alfine 8 Speed Noise? 4 Different Solutions!


Now hold the rug against the cycle and clean the chainline and hub. Use water spray to clean the inside of the hub.

After cleaning it make sure to give the cycle enough time to dry up. 

Clean your cycle once in a while to keep the noise off.

When Should I Be Concerned About The Noise?

Usually, there is no need to get freaked out about the noise. But if you went through all the methods and still heard the noise you need to get it checked by a professional.

We suggest you take a break after completing each method. Giving your bike some time is better for the health of the bike.

You might still hear the grinding and clunking noise and vibrations after this. Are you hearing? Alright, it’s time for some professional help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Does My Cycle Make Noise When I Pedal? 

The most common sound a bike makes while pedaling is clicking. If you are pedaling fast the chain will jump up and down the rear cassette. The clicking sound will start from there. But if you want to be sure to slow your pedaling and observe the sound.

Can I Use WD40 On My Bike Chain?

Yes, you can. It is a water-based lubricant. This lubricant will lubricate your chain as well as it will keep the chain rust-free. To reduce the dirt on the chain you can use it.

Can I Grease The Saddle Rails Of My Bike?

Greasing the saddle rails will make sure you can remove them easily if you need them in the future. The saddle will also stop creaking if you grease it well. A thin layer of grease will do the work.


We hope you are not worried about the noise because you know How to Fix Alfine 8 Speed Noise and the Reasons Behind It.

One last tip! It’s better to take a professional look at your bike if you still cannot figure it out.

Go ahead and ride safely!

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