10 Speed vs 11 Speed: The Right Gear For You

Getting the right gearing combination or speed is significant for your bike. To maximize the riding experience, you need to have the right gear.

A 10 speed and an 11-speed bike allow you different shifting mechanisms. So it’s quite important to know how they differ from each other.

So, what differences exist in 10 speed vs 11 speed?

The basic differences between these 10 and 11 speed are efficiency, range, weight, and shifting. In most cases, the winner is 11 speed. Because 11 speeds are more efficient for the cyclist. It also provides you with a wider range and easy shifting. But the weight might create doubt.  

You don’t have any reason to be puzzled. Because we have prepared this whole article to enlighten you on these 2 speeds.

So jump in and get the right gear for your bike. 

10 Speed vs 11 Speed: Quick Difference!

To compare these two speeds you need to keep in mind some factors. Before proceeding any further let’s know about the basic factors for both of the gearing mechanisms.

Factors10 Speed 11 Speed
Efficiency More efficient in flat areas Efficient on all kinds of terrain
RangeStandard rangeWider range especially on uneven areas 
WeightLightweightComparatively heavier
Shifting Standard shiftingShifts better

These are the main factors we should look into.

10 Speed vs 11 Speed: The Right Gear For You

Now to decide which one’s right for you we have arranged a head-to-head battle. 

10 Speed vs 11 Speed: Head-To-Head Battle

To get a perfect speed and a great riding experience on versatile terrain you need the perfect gear. So when you are going up a hill you need to shift to make the pedaling easier.

That’s when it gets tough to choose. Because choosing the right speed will determine your whole cycling experience. 

To clear out all the confusion we will talk about the 10 speed vs 11 speed bike in detail. 


If you ride your bike on a daily basis, efficiency is a must for you. The efficiency of the bike does not only depend on the rider. But it also depends on the aerodynamics and gearing mechanism. 

10-speed bikes will be more efficient on mostly flat terrains. If you live in an area where the majority of the road is flat you should go at 10 speed. 

11 speed is recommended for riders who ride up and down a hill regularly. When you go up with this gear you can easily shift and make the pedaling easy for you. 

10 Speed vs 11 Speed: The Right Gear For You

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You need to know what gear to choose when you go up and down the hill for the ideal efficiency. 

There is a significant difference between 10-speed vs 11-speed chains. This chain also participates in efficiency.

11 speed is comparatively more efficient. The crankset on the gear is more compact. The tires on an 11-speed bike also provide great efficiency. 

Winner: 11 speed for hilly roads, 10 for flat terrains.


10 speed and 11 speed will not give you the exact same range. 

If you have a 10-speed bike you have 10 different resistant settings. You can change the pedaling resistance. But the range will not change. A 10-speed bike will help you get to 15 to 18 mph pretty quickly.

10-speed vs 11-speed cassette width is slightly different from each other. The spacing is tighter at 10 speed. This makes the range of 11-speed better.  

But let’s not forget about 11 speed. You can ride an 11-speed and make it go to 22 mph quickly. 

But keep in mind that the range will vary because of the area you are cycling on. 11 speed will give you a wider range on flat surfaces and also hilly terrain. 

10 Speed vs 11 Speed: The Right Gear For You

Source: r2-bike

If you want you can also go for SRAM X5 or GX to get a better range on an 11-speed cycle. 

Winner: 11 speed.


Here is a fun fact about the gearing mechanism, the more gear you increase the more weight your cycle gains. 10 speed vs 11 speed crankset also makes a difference in the weight.

The 10-speed cycle has fewer cassettes and it is kind of a compact bike.

One of the benefits of having a 10-speed is that you can ride effortlessly on flat surfaces. These bikes are lightweight. 10-speed bikes come with a minimum 6.8kg weight.

If you observe 10 speed vs 11 speed hub, you will notice the 11-speed hub is on the heavier side.

Apart from all these, you can find both 10 and 11-speed cassettes in rainbow colors.

But to improve your performance, you can use an 11 speed cycle with carbon fiber wheels. Using carbon fiber material for your bike will smoother the riding experience. Many triathlon riders do this. 

Here’s our recommendation for the best Carbon Fiber bicycle wheelsets for 11 speeds.

These carbon fiber wheelsets will give you the best service!

Winner: 10 Speed.


Understanding the shifting differences between 10 and 11 speeds is very essential.

If you are using a 10 speed bike you don’t need to use the shifting often. But if you want to increase or decrease the pedaling speed, you can shift easily.

Shifting really makes a difference when you are riding an 11 speed bike. To climb up and down a hill you will use shift to change the resistance. 

10 speed vs 11 speed front derailleur is not the same. Make sure to check both front and rear shifters and derailleurs before riding. Sometimes the di2 rear derailleur does not shift properly.

When you are climbing up a hill 11 speed shifting will save you a lot of energy. This might not be important if you just ride on regular roads. But cyclists who ride on uneven terrains will know the importance of this.

Moreover, shifting on an 11-speed bike is less time-consuming. 

Winner: 11 speed.

Who’s The Winner?

Well if you are still wondering what to get from a 10 speed vs 11 speed bike just go for an 11-speed cycle. The facts and head-to-head battle are enough to let you know what you need.

Sports, recreation, or transportation for all kinds of uses 11 speed provides a better cycling experience. To improve your overall performance you need a cycle with the utmost capability.

Triathlon riders and all the regular cyclists would advise you to go for 11 speeds.

After understanding all the facts we hope you know what you should go for. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before ending the article let’s answer some of your questions. 

Are 10 Speed And 11 Speed Chains The Same?

The 10 and 11 speed chains are almost the same. The speed chains of both are almost the same width. The cassette teeth are also almost the same. You can use 10 speed chains instead of 11. No need to worry about the jamming between sprockets.

Are 12 Speed Bikes Good?

12 speed bikes are really reliable. They have improved materials and tolerances. These bikes come with a great front derailleur. The cassette starts at a 10-tooth cog and increases by 1 tooth per cog. 

How Many Speeds Do I Need On My Bike?

If you want smoother transitions and pedaling you can go for more speeds. But if you want to choose a slower option you can go for fewer speed bikes. 21 speed is generally faster and 7 speed is adequate for slower riders.  


This is all that you need to know about 10 speed vs 11 speed. You can go for an 11 speed cycle to improve your overall performance. 

One last tip! Do not forget to put on your helmet when you ride.

Good Luck!

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