Shimano Nexus 8 Problems And Solutions [Explained]

What if you meet clattered sounds produced by your bicycle? Such an annoying thing it could be! We entirely get it.

Users barely skip checking their bicycle problems. So, be mindful not to ruin the cycling vibe. 

We will dig deeper into how to solve your gear and shifter issues in this article.

Well, what are the Shimano nexus 8 problems

Nexus 8 has become popular for several reasons including robustness, and high performance. Users may get challenged when the shifter stops working. Also, cassette jamming, adjusting gear, rustiness, etc., may keep you restless. Resolving every identifying problem stepwise will bring expediency.

Worry not, we have spelled out solutions along with maintenance tricks for your better understanding. 

As a bicycle enthusiast, you will have the proper guideline after we sum up. So, let’s get it started!

Shimano Nexus 8: All Possible Issues

As a geared posterior hub, the Shimano Nexus 8 Speed shifter has brought vast changes. Throughout the revolution process of geared bicycles, this shifter has added new technologies. 

Shimano Nexus 8 Problems And Solutions [Explained]


Still, you may face several problems within a few months. What should you do? Here’s our advice, don’t feel annoyed! 

Shimano Nexus 8 problems you may face are quite normal and predictive. Also, got Shimano Nexus 7 shifter issues too? Give it a read!

Well, we take you to the common problems and reasons now. It will help you get the Nexus 8 solutions faster! 

No more quick glimpses. Let’s dive into the details. 

Problem 1: The Shifter Does Not Shift Correctly

Luck stays at your side if you never experienced it. Well, this common problem occurs in missing or skipping gears entirely. 

So, neither you get to find 3rd, 4th gear nor shift to 2nd gear. Interesting, right? 

Shifting the gear to the 8th also requires changing the gear. It happens due to the exhaustion of the cable. Also, there’s a high chance of catching extreme friction in the mechanism.


Here you get some different angles to adjust this shifter! This problem feels more like occluding. So, the shift pawl gets prevented from engaging. 

Initially, opening the hub, and cleansing oil grease, are the basic steps. Along with that, it’s good to fill with lubrication. Oils such as Phil Wood Tenacious Oil are useful. Got the hint now? 

Here are some degreasers that you can use to get the job done: 

Taking off the cap to the Shimano Nexus 8 shifter is not quite difficult. And then disseminated some libation wrenching will make your shifter newest.

Problem 2: Proliferations of Rust and Dirt

Users can barely prevent their bicycles from Shimano Nexus rustiness. As you have to take this vehicle outdoors, it will catch or expose several elements. 

Shimano Nexus 8 Problems And Solutions [Explained]


Along with that, dirt also keeps the gear jammed. Without solving it for a long time, you may discover a big issue afterward. 


You may get questions like- isn’t this shifter full of corrosive-proof materials? Well, you get it! Despite having a protective coat, it barely helps in long-term usage. 

So, this temporary barrier can’t help your components from rust. All you need is to get the manual guide into the head. 

Get an idea of how the Nexus 8 speed manual spells out for users. Processes such as washing and lubing the gear regularly are worthwhile. 

Don’t find the outward of the cassette far from the process. It requires weekly care. Besides, focus on the internal parts once every two months. 

Meanwhile, using lubricant grease brings the mechanism much smoother. You won’t have an issue after doing these hopefully. Here’s a list of our top picks for lubricants.

Problem 3: Misalignment of Adjusting Cables

Bicycle gears depend on the shifter cables. Without it, changing gears or keeping the same ratio isn’t possible. 

However, cables come with a stronger Nexus installation process so that nothing can force them out. But you know the reality, right? It’s such a skeptical thing to prevent any issues every single time. 

Basically, cable alignment problems create auto lock-up of the gears. Eventually, users find it jammed entirely and barely can drive. 


Cable installation carries a lot more important than it seems. So, how to approach Shimano nexus 8 cable adjustment? Initially, you must check whether the cable housing fits in properly or not. 

Meanwhile, the cassette joint with the shifter brings space to align the cable. And the core process of adjustment is super easy. A knob you will get on the shifter below the shifting needle. 

The knob usually decides the compactness of the cable. So, never keep it easygoing which prevents unexpected errors. After tightening it perfectly, you should use an Allen key. 

With the help of a barrel adjuster, it enables adjusting the cable alignment. Then keep turning around the adjuster. Once cables go straight with cassettes, you can turn it off. 

However, finding cables rusty or worn apart requires different formulas. Generally, replacing with a new one can operate your job smoothly. 


Shimano Nexus 8 Problems And Solutions [Explained]

Maintaining the Shimano Nexus 8 hub is not that expensive. First of all, you need an oil maintenance kit. Oil packs such as SHIMANO TL-S703 Oiling Kit can suit your comfort. 

To keep the hub in good form, get your bicycle dealer or agency. They can keep you updated on lubricating the inner parts. 

Usually, it’s recommended to lubricate after every two years from purchase. Also, follow this rule strictly if your bicycle gets used very frequently. 

Both ways- agency support and buying greasing or oiling kits on your own are useful. 

Most of the users skip this path. Consequently, malfunctioning errors in the shifting gear start happening. 

Step 1: Fill In Process

First, of first, fill the maintenance grease/oil in the Nexus shifter container. It’s better to keep a falling height of 96 mm.

Step 2: Drenching

Then, drenching the inner unit into the oil from its left part. Keep it immersed until the maintenance oil goes up to the ring gear unit 1. 

Step 3: Checking Time Limit

Don’t forget to keep the unit drenched for about one and a half minutes.  

Step 4: Pulling Out

Later, start pulling the unit out of the oil.

Step 5: Reassemble

For a minute, let the surfeit of the oil drain off. That’s it! Complete your Shimano Nexus reassemble and do your cycling again!

Keep in mind the comparison between Nexus 8 and Alfine11 for the solutions. It will guide you fine!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does A Shimano Roller Brake Perform?

Rollerbrakes usually come with cylindrical rollers situated in the center and a multiple-faced cam. Rollers get a job of pressing three brake shoes outward. By doing this at odds with the drum, it balances the force generated by shoes. Meanwhile, half of the external shell comes internally. 

How Can I Shift Gears During Pedaling?

It is mandatory to pedal while you change gears. Derailleurs have to derail the chain shifting from one sprocket to another. It causes the chain to move. As a result, the gears will stay the same until you connect to the shifters without pedaling. If you do, there will be creating unsettling noises.

How Can I Grease The Nexus Hub?

Like other brands, Shimano Roller brakes require lubrication. But it barely asks for disassembly. Finding a small rubber plugging is easier to grease the hub. Now, find the brake unit. After popping up the plug, you can put the nozzle of the grease against it. Finally, squeeze the plug!

Final Words

We have tried to cover each aspect of Shimano Nexus 8 Problems. Hopefully, it will guide you to the possible solutions. 

Ending our note with a bonus tip for you! Avoid buying cheaper ones if the budget is manageable. And keep in touch with the brand’s support forum!

Happy cycling!

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