Derailleur Hanger for Horizontal Dropouts: A Complete Guide!

There can be nothing more enjoyable and healthy than biking, right! I feel like this is the most healthy way to add excitement to your life.

And to make your ride more fun a derailleur hanger with your horizontal dropouts is so helpful. Only if you have a dropout bicycle frame. 

Now, the question is, what are the best derailleur hanger for horizontal dropouts?

We’ve found the 5 best hangers for your horizontal dropouts from a wide range. For durability, wheels, derailleur hangers, maxmartt derailleur hangers, etc are good choices. Cannondale derailleur hangers are best for hilly tracks. Forest Byke has the ability to handle multiple speed ratios. 

So, let’s dig into the detail of the article. To get every answer to your doubts! 

5 Best Derailleur Hangers for Horizontal Dropouts for You

So, you are looking for a derailleur hanger for a horizontal dropout bike frame! We are here to find out the best for you.

A derailleur is a part of the bike. It is used to do the sifting of the chain along with the cassette. So that, the chain arrives each one of the gear.

You may be wondering about the compatible size derailleur for different cassettes is needed right! But that’s a different issue.   

The derailleur needs to be attached to the frame of your bike. And there comes the work of derailleur hanger. The derailleur hanger is going to be attached to the frame.

Derailleur Hanger for Horizontal Dropouts: A Complete Guide!

Source: Road Bike Review

The derailleur hanger is used to attach the derailleur to the frame. The hanger is separated from the frame. It is used to protect both your frame and derailleur.

Because the frame itself and the derailleur are pretty expensive. And the hanger is kind of cheap. So, you need to use it to protect both your frame and the derailleur.

Now, there are many different types of dropout bicycles. On that note, there are different kinds of derailleur hangers for your frame.

Horizontal dropout frames are one of a kind. So, there is a different kind of derailleur hanger for your frame as well. 

If you don’t use the perfect derailleur hanger it can create problems. Like, switching chain through the cassette. 

So, let us suggest some effective derailleur hangers for horizontal bicycle dropouts.

Wheels Manufacturing Dropout-11 Derailleur Hanger

Wheels Manufacturing Dropout-11 Derailleur Hanger is made of premium aluminum alloy. And that makes this more durable and flexible. That’s why it can protect your frame even the bike falls on the derailleur side.

Derailleur Hanger for Horizontal Dropouts: A Complete Guide!

Source: Canva

Cannondale Mountain Rear Derailleur Hanger

Cannondale Mountain Rear Derailleur Hanger is specially made for tough road bikes. It can take intensive pressure while riding on hilly tracks. And the specialty is it keeps the derailleur stable in any road condition.

So, if you have a mountain bike with a daring appetite check this one out for yourself.

Forest Byke Company Index Bicycle Derailleur Hanger

Forest Byke Derailleur Hanger fits most of the bikes easily. That’s why it’s really popular. It can handle the conversion of single-speed to multiple-speed based on the frame.

And that’s why if you feel too confused about selecting one, pick this one. There’s a huge chance that it’ll perfectly fit your bicycle. 

Maxmartt Derailleur Hanger

Maxmartt 1pc Mech Derailleur Hanger is so popular for its easy-to-install system. And it also comes with a set of screws. It has a good texture and a smooth surface. And the best feature is durability which saves the frame and the derailleur.   

Derailleur Hanger for Horizontal Dropouts: A Complete Guide!

Source: Canva

Derailleur Hanger 94

Derailleur Hanger 94 is one of the best of its kind. It is built with a fully aluminum alloy which is durable and good for the long run. The flexibility of this product absorbs any kind of pressure and protects the frame well. 

You can choose between these hangers. All of these are pretty affordable. The only thing you need to do is to find the right one for you.

How to Find the Perfect Derailleur Hanger for Your Drop Out!

So we have already suggested some derailleur hangers that can be your choice. But here an important question comes up. How can you find what is perfect for you?

You don’t even need to think about it as well. Because we are here with the most convenient solution. For your mountain bike dropout frame. 

The first thing you need to do is to take a picture. The picture of where the hanger mounts to the bicycle frame. If you see any damaged hanger part left on the frame you need to remove that.  

Then you just need to open your photoshop or other similar photo editing software. That allows you to both create layers. And adjust the opacity of the layer transparency. 

And the software must allow to mirror the image or flip the picture horizontally. 

Now you have the picture of the bike frame on the photo editing software. So, you can use that as a reference to help find the bike dropout hanger. You’ll get that easily. 

Once you find it you need to open the snip and edit tool. With that, you need to copy and paste the image into photoshop. Where you can manipulate it, flip it and see if it fits.

First, select the image layer that contains the new dropout hanger mtb. Then go edit, transition, and flip horizontal. This will orientate the new hanger image into the same position that it fits. 

While it still exposes the keen on the underside. Then adjust the opacity of the hanger layer to 50%. And make sure the hanger layer is on the top of the bike frame. 

Then you can use the fixing eyelet as a reference to adjust the scaling. So that, both of the images match. Lastly, we can use the move tool to align the hanger to the bike frame.  

So that’s a really simple way to find out what is the perfect frame for you. This easy way can save you from buying the wrong hanger.  

So you’ve already got your desire hanger right! But you also need to make sure you install the hanger properly

A Special Tip for Newbies!

Till now we have tried to show you the easiest way to find the perfect hanger. Even we’ve suggested some derailleur hangers for your convenience. 

But here comes the magic trick. You might be a newbie in professional biking or finding a perfect hanger seems like a hustle to you. That’s why we have brought a perfect solution for you.

There is a kind of derailleur hanger called a universal rear derailleur hanger. That will fit perfectly in any type of bicycle. Here’s a list of some of the universal hangers.

This type of derailleur hanger can be used in almost every type of bike frame. So you won’t take the hustle to find the perfect one for you.

If you want to skip hustle it is the best option for you. But for that, you may have to spend a few more extra bucks. 

You can also try the Shimano cassette with SRAM derailleur if you need a cassette as well.          


What is a dropout derailleur hanger?

A derailleur hanger adaptor for horizontal dropouts is an extended part of a bicycle. What helps to protect the derailleur and frame. This hanger is attached with the frame and the derailleur is attached with it. This hanger helps to protect the frame and the derailleur to get damaged.  

How do I choose a derailleur hanger?

We’ve already discussed a detailed way to find the perfect hanger for you. Then again you can try to find it on the bike parts retailer website. You need to search with your bike model and find what hanger goes with that. But it is a risky process because there is no particular online retailer for derailleur hangers.

Are rear derailleur hangers universal?

All the rear derailleur hangers are not universal derailleur hangers. But SARM has come up with a universal hanger concept. It is a derailleur that can fit with any kind of frame. 


So readers I guess now you have a clear idea on derailleur hanger for horizontal dropouts. Hope this article will help you to have a smooth bike ride. 

If you have any more queries, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section. 

Stay safe and have a good bike ride. 

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