Steerer Tube Too Short? This Is What You Need to Do!

Steerer tubes can be either too short or too long sometimes. But you’re probably more concerned with the shortness of your cycle tube. The good thing is, you don’t need to rack your brain too much about it.

Because you can find a way to fix that steerer tube issue.

So, what to do if the steerer tube is too short?

You can fix the short steerer tube of your cycle by increasing the expander height. That’s the easiest way to solve your steerer tube length issue. If you think you can DIY, you’re free to do so. But make sure you’re confident enough. Otherwise, getting an expert will be the right thing to do!

Well now you know what to do with your short steerer tube. But do you know how you can do it? 

For that, you’ll have to stick with us for a while!

What’s the Reason Behind Having a Too Short Steerer Tube?

Having a short steerer tube could be okay. But if you think the tube is way too short then there would be issues. 

It actually depends from rider to rider. However, there are mainly two reasons for having a short steerer tube. Here are the reasons.

Reason 1: Error Or Mistakes in Calculation

The most common and the main reason for this issue is a miscalculation. While the manufacturers make these tubes, they do many of them together.

And it is not that uncommon for manufacturers to make small mistakes. That is why your steerer tube might be relatively short.

Reason 2: Cutting Or Setting up A New Fork

Another reason for a short steerer tube is cutting the fork of the cycle. And it can also be due to getting a new fork for your cycle. 

You know some riders think of getting different forks at times. This might be due to many reasons. 

And that is when you may mistakenly cut the steerer tube. So that it becomes shorter. Some riders even became so disappointed that they put them up for sale immediately! Here’s one steerer tube sufferer-

Also, if you are shortening the fork of your cycle, this may happen too. 

Because riders often think of shortening their forks which is very common today. Riders mainly do this when they get a fork that’s too big on the cycle frame.

So, these are the primary reasons for a short steerer tube. But there are many other common fork mistakes you can make if you’re not careful. Here’s a good resource for you to avoid such mishaps!

Now that you know the reasons, it’s time to fix it up!

How Can You Fix the Short Steerer Tube of Your Cycle?

Fixing the short steerer tube of your cycle is not that hard. But you need to think of the first thing first. That is whether you want to do it yourself or hire a mechanic.

We prefer doing it ourselves. Because this is not something that might be too lengthy or complex. And if you are sure about doing it yourself, here is how to do it.

So, how to fix the short steerer tube of my cycle? 

First of all you’ll need a steerer tube extender or converter. After that, you’ll need to take the stem and several nut bolts out. Again, you’ll require some additional tools for that. Lastly, you’ll have to place the extension on the steerer tube.

You only got the gist of the whole process. Follow along to understand the installation process fully!

Using a Steerer Tube Extender to Extend The Steerer Tube

For a short steerer tube, stop going here and there. Because if you think you want a quick solution, you may get an extension. 

Steerer Tube Too Short? This Is What You Need to Do!

Source: Worldwide Cyclery

That is, you would be able to manage an extension of your steerer tube. To get one of these, you may purchase one from your local cycle shop. And then you would have to set it up.

To let you know, the cost of it is reasonable. However, it may depend on the size and length of the fork steering too.

With that being said, we are already aware of how tough it’s to find them, Especially when you don’t know where to look! We’ve already gone through tons of extenders and know which are the best. Here’s some recommendation for you-

Remember that installing an extension of the steerer tube is very simple. But if you want then you can also take your cycle to a mechanic. 

If you consider doing it yourself, it would be better actually. Because this can save your time and money.

To install this, you would just need to follow a few steps.

Step 1: Take off the Stem and Star Nut

First of all, take off the stem and the star nuts on the top. You can use GOLDEAL TOOPRE Fork Star Nut Installer if you don’t have the kit. Then slowly loosen the top bearings.  After that, you can take off the steer of your cycle.

Steerer Tube Too Short? This Is What You Need to Do!

Source: Youtube

However, ensure to do it slowly and steadily. Because doing it roughly may put up scratches on the frame of your cycle somehow.

Step 2: Take The Flange Nut

Now, take the threadless converter and the headset expander. If you wonder, where do you get these, these would be inside the packet.

Steerer Tube Too Short? This Is What You Need to Do!

Source: Youtube

The expander is an alternative to the star nut. And this is very simple and easy to install. You can also remove it anytime very easily.

Now, take a nut that is included with the extender. Then put the flange nut into the converter. After that, insert the screw and wedge. 

Step 3: Take The Hex Nut

Now, take the hex nut and tighten it slightly with the screw. And then the converter would be ready to put it into the stereo tube.

Steerer Tube Too Short? This Is What You Need to Do!

Source: Youtube

Then tighten the hex nut with a ratchet like the one from Amazon. Those are insanely affordable! Now, check it and put it into your desired position. See, if the converter is okay or a bit longer.

If you think it is a bit longer then you may cut it. You can cut it with any type of cutter that is compatible with cutting converters. And then put it back into the steering tube.

Step 4: Finish The Installation

Now, bring out the extender and install it into the steerer tube. Then put back the spacers and other components of it.

Steerer Tube Too Short? This Is What You Need to Do!

Source: Youtube

Now, you need to put back on the headset of your cycle. And then you just need to put on the nuts and tighten them properly.

Once you tighten the nuts, you are finally done with your installation. So, this is how you can install a steerer tube extender for your cycle!

Finally, if you are planning to get a steerer tube extender now, here’s an idea. You can get one from here.

Remember one thing. Do not go to any random mechanic or cycle store for this. If you think a store or mechanic is well aware of that, you should proceed.

Because an amateur may follow different and random methods to extend the steerer tube. But that would just waste your money with half of the work done!

To add to that installing it is easy when you replace a fork. Like, if you are going with a saluminum frame to pair with steel fork, consider the time for it.


Can I Replace the Steerer Tube of My Cycle?

Yes, you can replace or change the steerer tube of your cycle anytime. This is as simple as installing or disassembling other parts of your cycle. However, if you want then you may still take the assistance of a pro mechanic. But doing it oneself is easy for a rider.

Can I Consider Steerer Extensions to Be Safe for My Ride?

Yes, steerer extensions are generally considered safe for cycles. However, some specific cycle frames may not go properly with steerer extensions. In that case, you can first talk to someone who has knowledge about it. And we recommend taking suggestions before this.

Is It Expensive to Extend the Steerer Tube of the Cycle?

No, it is not that expensive to get an extension of the steerer tube. You can get an extension of your cycle steerer tube for as low as $10. But you may also get it cheaper for lower quality. And it has better quality extensions as well. To install it, your budget might increase a bit for the mechanic.

The Final Words

Now you know what to do if the steerer tube is too short! We believe you would be able to follow our drills easily.

If you notice any problem regarding this, have an expert check the bike. And you should never try to assess anything about your cycle without prior knowledge.

All the best!

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