Sram x5 vs X7 vs x9: Which One Should I Choose?

Sram rear cranks are quite popular today among all the derailleurs. However, these cranks have a wide range of models now. So, some of us get confused. Sram X5, X7, and X9 are the ones most people get confused about.

So, which one to choose between Sram x5 vs x7 vs x9?

The Sram X5 crankset is way heavier in weight than the X7 and X9 ones. However, the X5 crank is quite significant with its gear shifting process. Along with that, X7 and X9 are fine too. All these three cranksets are fine when it comes to their availability. Finally, Sram X9 is way cheaper than the other two.

This is just a summary of their comparison. We have all the details for you here.

So, let’s get started now!

Sram x5 vs x7 vs x9: A Head-to-Head Battle

A brief comparison can help you to get a basic idea about their features. So, here it is.

FeaturesSram X5Sram X7Sram X9
Weight300 g280 g210 g
Shifting PerformanceQuite GoodGoodGood
CompatibilityAlmost with all the bikesWith selective bikesWith selective bikes

This table helps you with a good heads-up to the main part.

Sram x5 vs x7 vs x9: A Detailed Comparison

Now, you have a basic idea about their features. Here’s a comparative chart to make your life much easier.

Sram x5 vs X7 vs x9: Which One Should I Choose?

So, it is time to move on to the detailed comparison. Take a look here.


The weight of the rear cranks matters a lot when you assemble them into your cycle. Because this can affect the movement of the cycle significantly.

So, let’s get to know about their weight starting with the Sram x5 first.

Sram X5

These caged rear cranks are made of materials that make them weighty. They are usually made of steel. However, now in recent times, they are shifting towards alloy based on aluminum and steel.

Sram x5 vs X7 vs x9: Which One Should I Choose?

Source: BikeRader

And in comparison to the other derailleurs, these are a bit more in weight. These cranks have a weight starting from 300 grams to 320 grams. 

Although 300g is not that much, it is heavy as a crank. As a result, your cycle might feel a bit of pressure while running. Which is never a good thing for free movement.

Sram X7

The Sram x7 rear cranks may look very simple in terms of their mass. But the truth is, it is not as light as it looks. This one has a weight that is close to that of an X5.

To be clearer, the weight of this x7 crank is around 280 grams. As a result, this can also make you feel the weight of it when you ride your cycle.

However, this would not let your cycle lean like X5 can do. But you may still feel a bit of pressure at times.

Sram X9

The Sram x9 rear cranks are way lesser in weight than X5 and x7 ones. These are believed to be only around 200 grams. That’s because of its cage material. It’s an alloy of aluminum and carbon. 

Sram x5 vs X7 vs x9: Which One Should I Choose?

Source: BikeRader

However, some users claimed these cranks to be a bit more than that in weight. But the measured weight has never been more than 210 grams. 

As a result, you would not feel any pressure if you install this one.

Winner: In terms of weight, we choose sram x9 over the x5 or x7. Because these derailleurs come with less weight. 

However, the aluminum SRAM X.4 Rear Derailleur is quite lightweight in comparison to all these.

And if you’re thinking about checking out sram gx, we got you covered there too. Here’s a total elaborated comparison between x5 and gx.

Shifting Performance

The shifting performance should be a factor to consider with these cranks.

So, let’s have a look at that.

Sram X5

While shifting gears, these are effective. These are the derailleurs that help you to shift the gear real smoothly. 

That means it would be smooth and quick just when you do it. There would be no bump or shake at all. Also, the response rate is quite impressive.

Due to its mechanics, this makes it way smoother and faster than the other ones. And you would never see any difficulty at all while changing the gear.

Sram X7

Sram X7 crankset is good too for changing gears properly. However, you may experience something unexpected and sudden at times.

That is, these rear cranks sometimes face difficulty changing gears at rough pitches. But this is not always a problem but rather a sudden one.

In contrast to that, these cranks are fine to shift the gear fast. You would like the time while shifting gears with these.

Sram X9

Along with the other two rear derailleurs, this one is fine too. You can expect to shift the gear smoothly with this one.

But just like the X7 crank, this one also faces difficulties changing gear at rough pitches. And similar to that, this is not a permanent issue either.

Remember that this problem is similar to di2 derailleur shifting issues And fixable.

Winner: For the shifting performance, we would like to choose Sram X5 first. Although all three cranks are fine, X5 is the best among these.

Because this one is more effective in smooth and fast gear shifting.

Available Configuration

After the last two factors, now let’s have a look at the general availability of these.

Sram X5

This can be found on a wide range of bicycles. In X5, though, there are 9-speed shifters and front derailleurs. 

X5 cranks are available in 2×10 and 3×10 configurations, as well as a fat bike-specific pair. The X5 might be considered a heavy drivetrain package. 

As a result, it’s the ideal gear for folks who are honing their skills. The X5’s utility is aided by the availability of medium and long cage derailleurs.

Sram X7

Sram X7 cranksets are quite available too just like Sram X5 ones. But remember that these are not compatible with every cycle just like X5.

Because Sram x7 cranks generally have conditions that make them compatible with the cycle. And as a result of this, you may need to talk to the company first. 

Sram X9

Just like the other two cranks, this is available too. But as with the x7 ones, this one is also not compatible with every type of bicycle. 

And as a result, you would need to match the model before you install it.

Winner: Sram X5 is the winner in terms of its availability. Because this one comes in a wide range and is compatible.


The price is always a concern prior to making a purchase. So, consider this before you buy one.

Sram X5

The Sram X5 crank is generally reasonable. This comes at prices between $35-$44 for each of the cranks.

Sram X7

The Sram x7 crank is even more reasonable. You would be able to get one of these for only around $29 to $32 approximately.

Sram X9

The Sram x9 crank is one of the costliest ones currently. You can expect to get one of these for around $40-$60 approximately.

Winner: In terms of pricing, we choose X7 as it is way cheaper.

Which One to Choose?

If you still have any confusion, this part is for you.

If you are a little short on budget, go for Sram X7. But X5 also comes at a reasonable price with much greater performance. 

The X9 is the way to go if you don’t want any extra weight on your bike. So, I suggest going for X9 if you don’t have any issues with spending a bit more. At the end of the day, your comfort should come first!

But overall for the best shifting process, you would like Sram X5 the most. X5 also has the widest range of types and is compatible with a lot of bikes. This gives X5 an extra edge over the other two.

Now, take a look here to get a sneak through to our pickups of these cranksets. Here are our favorites that you might like.

Hope this helps!


Is it worth it using the Sram x7 system?

Yes, you would love the Sram x7 system to use for your cycle. The Sram x7 system makes the system way smoother and faster. In addition to it, it also has significant performance in the sprockets. You would not experience any sudden jumps in the gears using this. 

Is it worth it using the Sram x9 system?

Yes, using the Sram x8 system for your cycle would be quite beneficial. This one is chunky and rigid without any possible sloppiness. These are great for changing gears accurately. These can keep your cycle chain with tension as much as required.

How much do I spend to buy Sram X5?

Sram X5 rear derailleur is great in terms of its usefulness and effectiveness. As a result, these derailleurs could be a bit expensive compared to other ones. You may expect to spend around $30 at least to get one of these. However, the price may go up to around $70 depending on a few factors.

The Bottom Line

Now you know about the differences between Sram x5 vs x7 vs x9! We hope you can now choose yourself to make the purchase.

But for any existing confusion, go through the comparison table to have a quick look! This would help you out. 

But make sure to not purchase with any confusion.

All the best!

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