The Battle of Best Derailleurs: Sram X5 vs GX!

SRAM has been making some good-quality derailleurs for a while. However, it gets confusing to pick one from their multiple offerings. And all the variations and models just add salt to the wound!

But I’m here to ease all of your pain. Today, you’ll get a perfect clarification about two of their famous products.

So, which one is better between Sram X5 vs GX?

The price of SRAM X5 is around the $70-$80 range whereas GX costs above $100. However, GX is better in terms of durability and performance. While the X5 is decent when you consider its affordable price, it lacks features. GX provides a cage lock function, better gear shifting, and efficient performance.

Now, don’t think that you already know everything about these derailleurs. Do you really believe that?

If not, feel free to read more! 

A Quick Look at The Derailleurs

Both of these derailleurs are quite famous for what they offer. However, there are some contrasting differences between them. From their build to sheer performance, all of the aspects are very different from each other. 

Also, you’ll find very different things which you didn’t see in Shimano gs vs sgs.

That’s why this comparison table will give an initial idea about these two models. Let’s have a look-

Grounds of ComparisonSram X5 Sram GX
Compatibility36-tooth cassette (max)42-tooth cassette (max)
Cage Length AvailabilityLong, MediumLong, Short, Medium
Cable Pull RatioExact actuationX-actuation
Cage LockNoYes
Roller Bearing ClutchNoYes

Do you think this box represents the whole picture? Definitely not because there’s a lot more for you to learn. So, let’s cut to the chase and head on to a detailed face-off!

Sram X5 vs GX- The Head-to-Head Battle!

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for! Previously you saw what the two derailleurs offer in a short preview. Now, you can take your time to fully understand the underlying details.

So, let’s not waste your time any further and gear up for the ride!

Build & Architecture

Well, it’s quite obvious that building materials and better architecture go a long way. It’s no different for these two derailleurs as well. 

So, the first thing to explore is durability and design.

The Battle of Best Derailleurs: Sram X5 vs GX!

Source: Bike Advisor

In terms of better build materials, both of them have aluminum and steel frames. However, having the same materials in the frame & cassette is not enough. X5 has some severe drawbacks in its shifters that feel plasticky.

On top of that, sram x5 shifters are quite clunky and generic. Still, it does offer a fast-shifting speed and a smooth-riding experience.

Being said that, GX definitely takes the cake in the overall feel. The carbon material-based derailleurs feel like they are built to last. They don’t have any clunkiness or rattling issues as well.

The Battle of Best Derailleurs: Sram X5 vs GX!


GX also takes the top spot in architecture and design. The design is more aerodynamic and fluid to take on heavy terrains and mountains. The rear mech shifts without any restrictions or struggle because of its ergonomics. 

While the X5 does not have a bad design, it fails to invoke any excitement. So, if you love a solid design, you know which way to go.

Winner: SRAM gx derailleur for better ergonomics and quality.


When it comes to brilliant technologies, Sram GX is definitely superior. The first thing it introduces is the cage lock mechanism. You may have dirtied your hands while taking off the cage from the wheels. 

But you won’t need to with these derailleurs as it has a cage lock function. You just have to push the lock and the frame will automatically stay in place. 

And when you need to change your wheels, push backward and you’re ready to swap!

This awesome cage lock feature is only available with gx. Along with that, gx offers a roller bearing clutch. So, you can guess that sram gx eagle is a better deal.

Winner: SRAM GX because of its multifuntional features and usage.

Configurations & Compatibility

Both the derailleurs support aftermarket parts. So, you can easily change your bike parts when the rear derailleur is not shifting. However, there are some key differences.

The X5 is a 9s, 10s, and 11s derailleur. That’s why it can go with many aftermarket parts. The GX offers a similar experience but they are more restricted in that regard. Also, a 2×11 RD is not compatible with a 1×11 group.

But that does not mean there are no parts available for GX. Here are some of the good offerings from the manufacturer-

Winner: sram x5 rear derailleur as it offers better customization support.


The most crucial aspect before making any purchase decision. If the price does not align with your budget, there’s no point in comparing. 

So, this segment will help you a lot to make up your mind.

The price of gx is almost twice the price of x5. While the GX costs in the $150 range, x5 costs only $50-70. So, when you’re considering a budget-friendly option, x5 should be the way forward. 

However, gx is worthy of its price tag as well. The features and functions you get are definitely justified.

Winner: If you want an affordable option then x5 is your winner. Otherwise, gx.

Which One Should You Pick?

At last! Now, it’s time for you to decide what to choose. Before you make up your mind, let’s go through the comparison for the last time.

In the build and design segment, sram gx groupset is the clear winner. Also, the technological aspect of SRAM gx is of high caliber. However, the upgradable factor of x5 is something you should definitely consider. 

Lastly, the price is the major differentiator between the two. If you’re looking for something affordable, x5 is your champion. But if you can raise the budget, gx is the beast to have.

If you’re planning to pick one, you can look at these best products for them-

So, that was a complete overview of the full comparison. You are now free to choose one according to your needs. 

But always remember to adjust your derailleur before your rides. That way, your bike will perform way better!


Is the SRAM GX Worth it?

The SRAM GX is definitely worth it if you have that extra bucks. It offers tons of proprietary SRAM technologies, a durable build, and smooth gear shifting. The precise shifts in gears last months without any issues. Also, the support from X-Actuation helps to prevent any variation in shifting.

Does SRAM X5 Offer Cage Lock Feature?

Unfortunately, SRAM X5 does not have the brilliant cage lock feature. Although the x5 offers an exact actuation feature, it skips out on the locking mechanism. So, you won’t be getting that quick cage locking functionality on the go. Only the higher-end offerings from SRAM have that ability.

Is it Good to Pick SRAM Groupset?

Yes, the SRAM groupset is very good considering everything it offers. SRAM X5 groupset, GX eagle, Force eTap AXS, all of these are very good. They all are compatible with different cable lengths and parts. From chain management to gear shifting, everything is worthy of the price you pay.


That’s all I have for you regarding the famous Sram X5 vs GX. I hope you now have all the information you need to make your decision.

Before you go, one last reminder. Always purchase a product after you have done thorough research.

Now, go wild with your rides!

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