Sram SX Eagle Shifter Problems: 4 Common Issues!

Sram SX Eagle is a favorite for any cycling enthusiast out there. But, it is heartbreaking to see it has some problems.

So, what are Sram SX Eagle shifter problems?

The main problem of the Sram SX Eagle shifter is slow shifting. Shifters can keep getting stuck. Sometimes, the gears may not shift at all too. Applying grease to the inner cable can solve it. Also, chains can make noise while shifting gear. Adjusting the derailleur further from the cassette can fix it. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You need an in-depth understanding of the problems and solutions. Don’t worry, we have provided step-by-step guidelines for you!

So, let’s begin! 

Troubleshooting Sram SX Eagle Shifter Problems

Sram SX issues are common. So, Sram SX Eagle is not indifferent to this case. Nevertheless, with the implication of technology, Sram SX Eagle Shifter is one of the best.

Shimano shifter is not returning is another example of how common issues with shifters are. So, be patient and read through the article to solve Sram SX Eagle shifter’s issues.

But, what are Sram SX Eagle shifter’s issues? Well, we have diagnosed 5 common problems. Let’s see those problems.

Sram SX Eagle Shifter Problems: 4 Common Issues!


At this point, you are thinking, is Sram Eagle SX any good? To simply answer that, no. Sram SX Eagle is one of the best cranksets available for your bike. So. don’t think that is Sram Eagle SX bad?  

However, we know that the Sram Eagle trigger shifter and other components have some problems. You may face the bike cassette not working which is typically a common problem.

But now we will dive into the greasy matters. Let’s troubleshoot Sram SX Eagle problems!

Troubleshooting 1 of 4: Slow Shifting

Another typical issue with bike shifters is slow shifting. We all hate it when we can’t touch the desired speed because of it.

As your gear shifting is slow, you may also face various issues. For example, you cannot get good handling in muddy terrain.

Typically, with a 12-speed cassette, your bicycle should swiftly switch gears.

However, slow shifting happens when the bike’s cable tension is not right. Insufficient cable tension can cause slower upshifts, while too much stress causes slow downshifts.

Also, Sram SX’s derailleur issues can cause the problem to occur. Any misadjustment can cause slow shifting in gear.

Let’s see the viable fixes for it.


Before anything, you need to check the derailleur. If the derailleur is loosely set, tighten it. To do that, firstly, switch to the little ring on the cassette. 

Secondly, push the derailleur’s housing toward the big gear using your thumbs. The top sprocket should be positioned with the cassette’s top cog.

Lastly, if the pulley slides through the top cog toward the spokes, twist the “L” limit screw clockwise.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, then check the bike’s cable tension. Turn the cable’s screw clockwise or anticlockwise to do so. Your bicycle’s cable tension shouldn’t be too tight, or too loose.

Troubleshooting 2 of 4: Gears Won’t Shift at All

After putting some miles on your bike, gears can stop shifting. It’s very frustrating when Sram SX Eagle faces the same problem.

If this is the case, then your gear is most probably stuck. For this reason, you cannot shift your gears at all.

Sram SX Eagle gears won’t shift because of inadequate grease in the inner cable. The gears cannot be pulled or pushed to another for this reason.

Lastly, limit screw misadjustment will cause the issue. If the screw is loosely tightened, then it cannot hit the low gears. Similarly, if the screw is firmly tightened, it won’t reach the high gears.

Let’s see the possible solutions!


Firstly, check if your inner cable is properly lubricated. If not, apply grease to the inner cable. To do so, unscrew the outer cable cover. 

Then pull the outer cable and expose the inner cable. Then degrease it with a cloth and apply sufficient grease then. 

Sram SX Eagle Shifter Problems: 4 Common Issues!


Choosing the right degreaser is extremely important. So here are some degreasers that we swear by: 

Lastly, check the limit screw. Follow the steps in troubleshooting 1 to fix this issue.

Troubleshooting 3 of 4: Chain Makes Noise While Shifting Gears

Over time, you will hear that your chain is making noise when shifting gear. It gets irritating hearing this noise whenever you shift your gear.

Chain making noises is a critical issue. So, you shouldn’t ignore it.

The chain makes sounds when shifting gears that aren’t normal. A serious accident can happen because of it.

Firstly, the chain may rub against the derailleur of Sram SX Eagle. For this reason, you may hear the sound.

Secondly, a dry chain will make noise while shifting gears. It happens as the transition isn’t smooth enough.

Let’s see the solutions for it.


Firstly, derailleur adjustment of Sram SX Eagle. If it’s close to the cassettes, you need to adjust it further. 

Just, the B screw should be turned clockwise. Until the upper pulley is 5-6mm away from the biggest cog keep doing it.

Secondly, check if the chain is properly lubricated or not. You should always keep the chain clean and lubricated. Below, some best bicycle chain lubricants are mentioned.

Troubleshooting 4 of 4: Click Sound When Chain Shifts Between Two Gears

Clicking sound when chain shifts between two gears is another critical issue to look at. Mostly, the issue occurs with your bike’s chain. You don’t want your chain to be broken while you’re on an adventure!

These 5 problems can happen with your Sram SX Eagle shifter. But, don’t worry! We have troubleshot each issue with proper fixes!

You should be aware of this problem. This may indicate severe damage to any component.

Firstly, after riding miles with the same chain, it gets stretched. For that reason, you hear the click sound while shifting between two gears.

Secondly, your chain may be misaligned. As a consequence, the chain causes this click sound.

Lastly, your chain can be worn or damaged heavily. As a result, you hear click sounds between shifting the gears.


Firstly, your chain can be misaligned. So, pay attention to which gear the chain is too tight or loose. Then, set the chain accordingly.

Lastly, check your bike’s chain for wear and stretch. A stretched or worn chain is of no use. So, you need to replace it. Some compatible chains for Sram SX Eagle are given below. 

That’s all the troubleshooting you need to fix any issue. 


After troubleshooting now comes to the Sram SX Eagle maintenance. Proper maintenance is important. It prevents any future problems that you may face.

Sram SX Eagle Shifter Problems: 4 Common Issues!


So, let’s see some maintenance steps for Sram SX Eagle.

Properly Clean and Grease the Shifter:

Once every two weeks, you should properly clean and grease the shifter. That way, your shifter won’t get stuck or have a bad response while shifting gear.

Tighten The Screws and Bolts of Drealieur:

After riding for months, the screws and bolts of the derailleur can get loose. So, to save money often check and tighten the screws if it’s necessary.

Properly Remove Dirt from the Chain:

Your bike’s chain is one of the main factors for keeping it running. So, remove dirt from it after you ride on dusty terrains. That you, your chain won’t be damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are All SRAM Eagle Parts Interchangeable?

Yes, all SRAM Eagle series parts are interchangeable. Thanks to innovation and technology, it provides all-level compatibility.

What Does SRAM Mean?

SRAM stands for Scott, Ray, and Sam. They are the co-founders of famous bicycle component manufacturer SRAM LLC.

What Is The SRAM Road Groupset Range?

SRAM’s road groupset lineup is divided into four categories: Apex, Rival, Force, and Red. Hydraulic brake systems are now available on all of its road groupsets.


That’s all about  Sram SX Eagle shifter problems. Hope the article helped you a lot.

Here’s a tip, always use low gear while riding down a sloppy terrain.

Take care and ride on!

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