SRAM Shifter with Shimano Brakes: The Best Adapters

Both the brake system and gear shifting methods are very significant while cycling. For this reason, everybody looks for the best of these things. But it’s hard to find compatible products for this work.

Shimano brakes and SRAM shifters are very effective in their fields. Cyclists love to use them. However, the problem arises when they are incompatible. 

So, how do you use an SRAM Shifter with Shimano brakes?

To use SRAM Shifters with Shimano brakes you will have to use adapters. Because without an adapter, using both of them together is not possible. The Mismatch, Dcbikes, and Wolftooth adapters are very much capable of pulling off the task.

If you think that’s everything you need, think again! There’s a lot of information to unveil, and we’re here to help. To learn more on the topic please keep scrolling!

How to Use a SRAM Shifter With Shimano Brakes? 

You can use Sram Shifter with Shimano Brakes by using the necessary adapters. You will get different kinds of adapters in the market. They are usable with several SRAM versions. You can pick your favorite by comparing SRAM x7 with x9 and x5.

Compatible Adapters That Can be Used: 

Let’s see a short note on different adapters which would let you use a Sram shifter with Shimano Brakes. Then you will be able to choose the best adapter among them.

Mismatch Adapters:

These adapters are produced by the Problem Solvers. They are renowned for making adapters for various brands. Mismatch adapters are also very successful in the SRAM Matchmaker category. They can fit Shimano XT brakes with SRAM shifters and others.

SRAM Shifter with Shimano Brakes: The Best Adapters

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The Mismatch adapters have great positive reviews. They provide long-term service with great fittings. The price of these adapters varies depending on the models. You will get the Mismatch adapters from $20 to $50.

Here’s our recommendation for Mismatch Problem Solver Adapters.

Dcbikes Adapter:

Dcbikes is comparatively a new brand that makes adapters for bi-cycles. They have developed excellent adapters for SRAM Etap shifters with Shimano brakes. Their adapters have options for both right and left sides.

The necessary bolts for joining come with the package. Also, the weight of the adapter is very negligible and it’s only 22g. They also have accessories for solving problems in SX Eagle Shifter. The price of the Dcbikes Adapter is $45.

Wolftooth Adapter: 

The Wolftooth Adapters came out in 2018 with interesting options. Since then they have been a tough competition to the Mismatch adapters. Wolftooth supplies a great range of l-Spec EV adapters for the customers.

The price of these adapters is also very variable. Some adapters come at only $14. High-priced adapters are also made by them. You can buy a Wolftooth Adapter for $70 too.

Off Brand Adapters:

If you are fed up with the prices of high-end adapters, you can get off brands too. There are different brands with zero popularity that make quality adapters. You have to search the market properly to get your hand on these.

Also, many models are available online. Chinese adapters especially come at a low cost. But there are guarantee issues. They can get damaged quickly. However, if you are lucky, these off-brand adapters will last for a long time.

One of the most known brand adapters is the Zrace adapter. These are available in different Chinese online markets. You can get them by free shipping if you wait for the correct time. You will also find other brands on these portals.

These are the most popular adapters to use SRAM Shifters with Shimano Brakes. You have to choose the best adapter according to your needs. 

How Do You Use It?

Only choosing an adapter is not enough for a comfortable ride. The adapters must be installed correctly. The installation process is not so hard. You will have to set the adapter with the handle of your cycle. Screws are used for the task.

Then install the shifters and brakes with the adapter in the same way. Though the job is simple, it requires accuracy. Wrongly installed adapters can cause accidents. So if you are not confident, take your cycle to a workshop. They’ll install the adapter in no time. 

Selecting the Best Adapter 

You can see that the market is full of different brands of adapters. All of them help to use the SRAM Shifter with Shimano Brakes. Shimano brakes are really popular among riders all over the world.

To get the high-quality and long-lasting performance you must get the finest adapter.

Traditional adapters are always preferable. Since they are in use for a long time, you can trust them easily. Without quality service, they won’t have lasted this long in the market. And the Mismatch adapters are a good example of this. 

But this does not mean that the new adapters do not perform well. But while going for a new adapter you must check the reviews. Then you will get a clear concept of it. You should also get help from experienced people.

If you are low on a budget try the off brands. They work just fine. But try to get it from a trusted shop. Because there are several categories of off-brands. A trusted shopkeeper will help you to get the best value for money product.

Try to follow this advice while getting your adapter. I think by doing that you will be able to get the best adapter for your cycle.

SRAM Shifters Usable with Other Brakes? 

Yes, just like SRAM GX shifters with Shimano brakes, SRAM shifters are usable with other brakes. SRAM shifters are very popular among cyclists. So everyone wants to use these shifters with their favorite brakes. 

And this combination is achieved by using adapters. We have seen that SRAM Shifters with Shimano Brakes work completely fine. All you need is a perfect adapter for the job. 

Similarly for using SRAM with other brakes you will need SRAM MatchMaker adapters. Different types of adapters are available in the market. You will have to find a compatible adapter for your cycle. Only then they will function properly. 

If you are confused about the required adapter, seek help from a professional. You can install it if you build a cycle workshop in your house. Otherwise, take help from professionals to collect and install the adapter. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Are Thicker Brake Rotors Better?

Yes, thicker brake rotors are better for producing power. The power depends on the size of the rotor. So with thick brake rotors, you will be able to generate more brake power. Moreover, thick rotors apply less strain on your shoulders. So you will be able to ride your cycle for a longer period.

Can You Run Shimano Rotors With SRAM Brakes?

Yes, you can run Shimano rotors with SRAM brakes. You have to check if the diameter of the rotor is compatible with the brake system. Then you can easily use them both. But sometimes they are not compatible. For that, you’ll require an adapter.

How Thick Are SRAM Rotors?

SRAM rotors are generally 1.85mm thick. But there are variations in sizes. In different models, the size is not the same. Some are 1.9mm thick. Usually, these are 140mm rotors. All these rotors are useful until a certain thickness. They are completely safe before they reach a thickness of 1.55mm.


Now you’ve got a clear idea about using an SRAM Shifter with Shimano brakes. I have tried my best to supply you with useful information on this matter.

Sometimes SRAM shifters fit with the Shimano brakes without any adapters. Buy the adapter only when they are not compatible.

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