Shimano Alfine 8 Speed Hub Slipping: 4 Problems & Fixes

It’s a big problem while having a good bike ride.

Having a hub slipping problem while on a ride can ruin the mood. It’s a big hassle to use your bike after that. If you have an internal hub like the Shimano Alfine 8 speed, it does make it harder.

So what to do with shimano alfine 8 speed hub slipping?

The hub slipping can happen for many reasons. Shifter or cable misadjustment, gear adjustment, and belt tension are the most common problems. You can fix them easily with a couple of steps and basic tools in hand. Having the knowledge to solve the problem will ensure a smoother cycling experience.

Learning the reasons and solutions for this issue will improve your cycling activity. Let’s get on with a detailed walkthrough.

Common Problems For Hub Slipping

Hub slipping can occur for many different reasons. It is a fairly common problem for the alfine hubs. It can also happen with 11 speed derailleur and 9 speed shifters.

Shimano Alfine 8 Speed Hub Slipping: 4 Problems & Fixes


Normally, there are a few usual reasons for having this shimano alfine 8 problem. But they are very easy to fix by yourself. 

Let’s go through the issues and the solutions for them.

Misadjusted Shifter:

This can happen when the shifter is unable to function due to high friction in the mechanism. Or, if the cable is not correctly secured or is worn out.

These issues arise when the shifter requires adjustment or the adjustment work was not completed.


Adjusting your shifter is a simple process. First, you need to place the shimano alfine 8 gear adjustment in the 4th position. It’s denoted with a little dot on the display.

After that, you’ll need to remove the case. It’s nothing more than a removable back part. It has to go off without a hitch. 

To release, squeeze in at the top, then slide back to disconnect. The gear and the appropriate component of the wheel hub will be exposed. 

By peering down on them, you’ll notice two yellow marks. It’s on the visual side. The two yellow markers must line up perfectly parallel to each other. Minimizing cumbersome and unsure gear transitions.

Now, you have to fidget with the handlebars’ gear adjustment knurl. It’s on the cable that runs from the gear changer. You can align the yellow marks by rotating the knurl.

You’re done adjusting your shifter once they’re lined up.

Misaligned Cable Adjustment:

The gear changes and shimano alfine 8 gear ratio are controlled by the shifter cables. They are firmly installed and fastened to prevent dislodgement. 

However, unforeseen circumstances can misalign the adjustment. Resulting in a complete lockout. It can dislodge during wheel removal or if it has a large shunt.

Shimano Alfine 8 Speed Hub Slipping: 4 Problems & Fixes


The cable adjustment will go off if it catches on the barrel adjuster’s lip. It can function normally if the damage is small. But it will become jammed and out of whack in time.


The process of changing the cable is fairly straightforward. A knob is located just below the shifting indication on your shifter. You can change the cable’s tension with that knob.

Adjust the tension of your cable first with that knob using a wrench. Here are some of our favorite wrenches:

The cable must be tensioned to perfection. It must be neither too loose nor too tight. You also have to keep an eye on the front derailleur cable as well.

Adjust the connection alignment with the barrel adjuster after achieving the desired cable tension with an Allen key. Rotate the adjuster till the wire is perfectly aligned with the cassette.

If your shimano alfine 8 cable becomes rusted or torn, it’s best to replace them with new ones. 

Problems With The Gear Adjustment:

Gear difficulties cause hub slipping too. Your gears would change sluggishly or not at all. It may not even operate at times. Jamming and locking when you cycle. You could have an accident at that point.

When your gear becomes clogged with sand, grease, or oil residue. If the gear adjustment goes off, it can cause it to misalign and slip hubs. It’s a severe issue that, if not addressed, will cause irreversible damage to your equipment.


The barrel adjustment can be used to remedy gear slippage concerns. To begin, check if your housing is properly seated at each stopping of the shifter, among other things.

The barrel adjuster alone isn’t enough to align the dots. In that scenario, remove the shimano alfine 8 cable anchor from the hub and pull it a little harder. There will be some cable running through it. Then make adjustments from there.

In the absence of a sufficient quantity of lubricant, add oil to the hub’s workings. The oil lets the stuck mechanism inside work smoothly. Here are some of our top picks for lubricants: 

No Tension Within The Belt System:

Shimano Alfine gear system uses a belt drive. This belt gives the user a far more reliable mechanism. With the internal gear hubs, it’s a better option to use.

But to make the best work and deliver the inertia properly, it needs to be properly tensioned. In case the belt is loose, you will face hub slipping issues.

The belt can get loose for various reasons. Mostly for not being looked after for a long time. The wear and tear of the belt can reduce the tensioned alignment of the belt. 

This is why, in these cases, you might need to adjust the belt’s tension to solve the shimano alfine 8 problem.


To adjust the belt tension, you will need to follow some specific steps. 

First, using a 5mm Allen key, loosen up the eccentric BB. Make sure it is pushed in the recessed bolt. You will feel resistance when attempting to turn it. By turning it counterclockwise, loosen the bolt and secure the BB.

Now you can rotate the entire crank. Using a two-prong freewheel pin spanner, rotate the BB. This will adjust the belt’s tension. 

Shimano Alfine 8 Speed Hub Slipping: 4 Problems & Fixes


Rotating it counterclockwise makes the crank go back and reduces the tension. Clockwise rotation will make it move forward and increase the tension. 

You will have to adjust the belt tension properly by rotating the BB. After setting the proper tension, secure the BB using the Allen key. Check for any loose connection before finishing the task.

And your belt is properly fixed to work. This will solve the issue of slipping while turning the crank.

That’s all we have to discuss this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Good Are Shimano Alfine Hubs?

Shimano Alfine hubs are one of the advanced internal hubs. They are the successor of the famous nexus hubs. They are quiet and reliable. Keeping the basic shimano alfine 8 maintenance, Alfine hubs can last for years. It is also much smoother to use. Giving the rider a better power delivery to the wheels. 

Do You Need To Pedal While Shifting Gears?

Yes. You have to keep pedaling while shifting gears. Otherwise, you can face the problem of Shimano Alfine not shifting. Pedaling gives the chain momentum to shift from one gear to another. If you shift while stationary, then the gear won’t shift. As well as it may clog up and immobilize your bike.

What’s The Best Gear To Ride In On A Bike?

The best universal gear to use while riding is the middle gear. It gives you the proper amount of momentum as well as not overworking yourself. The middle gear lets you keep your bike on the move. In all types of flat terrain, the middle gear is the best one to deliver power to your wheels.


That’s all we have on shimano alfine 8 speed hub slipping. You can fix your hub if it is having issues due to the reasons we discussed. 

These are the common issues that normally cause problems. But if the problem doesn’t get fixed, then the best would be to get help from a professional.

Happy cycling.

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