Seatpost Offset vs No Offset?: Which Way to Go?

In the past, you may not have placed much importance on the Seatpost. But today is a fresh start. Each Seatpost is unique. And speaking of seat-posts, the topic of offsets comes to mind automatically.

However, you might get confused about whether to use offsets or not. You might even think, which one should I choose between Seatpost offset vs no offset?

You need an offset Seatpost when the frame’s seat tube angle is too steep. You can set the desired seating position. Offset seat posts move you away from the crankset. Contrarily, straight seat posts bring you closer. However, without offset, you can paddle easily. It also helps with bad knees.

That’s just a brief overview. In this article, we’ve talked at length about the subject. Stay around to find out everything.

Let’s start.

Seatpost Offset vs No Offset: Quick Comparison

For changing posture position and comfortability, you may consider changing the seatpost. Well, here’s someone who bought a seatpost with less offset.

So rightfully, comparing seatpost offset or no offset is the right thing to do. Hence,  before we move on to the in-depth comparison, let’s have a look at this table

Aspect With OffsetWithout Offset
Hand Reach LongerShorter
Knee Positioning Backwards from the crankInline with the crank
Comfort MoreLittle less
Hand Load LessRelatively more 
ApplicationGeneral Purpose and Road Tripping Mountain Climbing and Off-Roading

Now off we go to the main part.

seatpost offset or no offset
Source: Velo Orange

Seatpost Offset vs No Offset: Detailed Comparison 

Seatpost offsets are a topic of great debate. Some users prefer it, some don’t. However, it comes down to some factors for the answer. 

Most users agree that this is totally on personal preference. But we won’t just leave you with “personal preference”. We have discussed every factor in depth for your clarification.

Hand Reach: 

Hand reach is one of the most important factors for a bicycler. Some prefer shorter hand reach, some prefer longer ones. 

If your hand is short, you might prefer a no-offset seat post. This will be more suitable to reach the handles. 

However, do keep in mind that short reach means more load on the hand. This may not be suitable for people with long hands.

But if you have long hands, you might prefer a setback seat post. The backward offset will allow you to lower the pressure on your hands and stretch out. If you want to dig deep, you can read about the frame geometry of the bicycle. 

Knee Positioning: 

Knee Positioning is the most important factor in bicycling. While riding you will be using your legs for cranking. 

Hence, a good knee position is vital for a comfortable ride according to the situation.

Using a zero offset seat post will allow you to align your knees with the crank. This will allow you to gain more momentum with less effort. 

Also, aligning the knee will increase the comfort level of the rider. This is most suitable for riders with short legs or femur bone. Zero offsets allow adequate clearance for the legs as well.

If you have long legs, this will not be suitable for you, unlike aluminum seat posts.

You will need offsets for longer legs. If you don’t use any offset, you will cramp your legs. This will end up in ride discomfort.

Hence, Seatpost offset is suggested for people with longer legs. This will allow more space for the long legs and increase the comfort level.

Knee Positioning
Source: Wiggle


Ride comfort is the second most important thing in bicycle riding. This becomes the most important factor when you are going for long rides or tours. 

If you have a shorter and smaller physique, zero offset seat posts are the best. This also applies to people who have knee problems.

To avoid compromising the rails’ ability to absorb shock, zero offset seat posts are the ideal ones. This is as ideal as low-profile cycle seats.

However, if you have a tall and large physique, you might consider an offset. We would suggest you go to a bike shop and try out different offsets. This way, you will be able to find the best fit for you.

Using offsets will allow you to stretch your long leg and hands. This will not cramp you up and increase comfort. 

An offset also helps with touring. You can lay back and enjoy riding without any discomfort.

Hand Load: 

Hand load is very much important for your physical comfort and performance. You will not want to stress your hands. Especially, during mountain climbing and racing.

If you have shorter hands, zero offsets will definitely benefit you. You will get far better reach and balance out. Hand load will be optimal and you will be able to ride easily.

On the other hand, people with longer hands will not benefit from this. They will cramp their hands and put extra pressure with zero offsets.

If you have long hands, you will want to prefer the offsets. It will give you ample room for stretching your hands. You will feel less load on your hands and it will be less stressful.

Also, it is better if you want to ride long distances. You can relax your hands and feel less load.

mountain climbing and racing
Source: Wikipedia


Offset or no offset seatpost also depends on the bicycle application as well.

If you want to do mountain climbing and off-roading, you will need the zero offset seats. It allows more control and flexibility. It also allows you to put more force on the crank and gain torque.

Zero offsets are also ideal for short bikes and compact situations. Also, you can put more pressure with the hand using zero offset seats.

Offsets are usually better for racing and road tripping. They tend to be more relaxing and stretchy. You can relax your body and arm and ride without discomfort. You will also prefer it if you want to lean back and ride.

Offsets allow you to adjust yourself forward and backward according to your needs. This gives you more control over the bike, which is better for racing.


The seatpost you need should be well within your price range. Thus, this particular factor is important for you.

Starting off, the seatpost offset price ranges between $15.99-$39. You can find various aftermarket offset seatpost. However, some of the best offset seat posts are recommended below.

For a long and adjustable seatpost, go for UPANBIKE Bike Seat Post. You can check the latest price.

A premium carbon fiber offset seatpost is RXL SL Carbon Fiber Offset Bicycle Seatpost. You can check the latest price, clicked here.

On the other hand, the no offset seatpost will be costlier than the offset seatpost. Yet, some of the best no offset seat posts are recommended below.

The best carbon fiber no offset seatpost is WHISKY – No.7 Carbon Fiber Bicycle Seatpost. You can check the latest price, clicked here.

Another cheaper yet reliable seat post is VUNDO Zoom Bike Suspension Seatpost. You can check the latest price, clicked here.

Which One is Better?

Whether using or not to use an offset might seem like a long debate. However, the answer lies in usage and situation.

Seatpost offsets are basically for those who have taller and bigger physiques. If you are a big guy or girl, this is your ideal choice. 

Also, offsets are ideal for a comfortable long ride and racing. Choose this if you want to go miles.

So, in what situations do zero offset seatpost prevail?

Zero offset seat posts are ideal for people who have smaller hands and legs. It is also good if you have knee problems or physical discomforts.  It also allows you to pedal easier than bikes with seat offsets. This also aligns your knee with the crank which gives optimal torque. 

Zero offsets are most used in mountain climbing and off-roading. You will want a compact seat to maximize the output. Here the straight seats shine out.

Therefore, we can say that the usage of offsets really depends on your usage and preference. It’s up to you whether to use it or not.

Cyclocross Magazine
Source: Cyclocross Magazine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How Do I Know if I Need an Offset Seatpost?

You can check the offset you need by getting a bike fit at a bike shop. How far behind your crankset you should sit will be determined by the angle. This is the angle at which your hips can move. This also depends on the distance between your knee and pedal axle.

Does Seat Post Length Matter?

Yes, it matters to some extent. Longer seat posts are regarded as more comforting than shorter ones. However, the amount of the post extension depends on the bike’s dimensions. It also depends on your physique too such as leg length, height, etc.

Should Bike Seat Posts Be Higher Than Handlebars?

The ideal height for the handlebar is right around the height of the seat post. This is a general rule of thumb. This is ideal unless you want to ride fast or race. First, you can try stretching forward until your hand touches the handlebar. Then bring your elbow up to the nose of the saddle.


That will be all regarding Seatpost offset vs no offset. The decision of choosing an offset depends on your usage and physique.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to take proper care of your bike. Doing such will give you a long time of service without any hassle.

See you soon.

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