Carbon Seatpost Grease: Should I Grease It Or Not?

You have a bike and its seatpost is made of Carbon frames. And now you are wondering if you should grease the carbon seatpost or use something else.

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. It is one of the common confusions over carbon seatpost.

You’ll get to know if you should apply grease on the carbon seatpost. If not then what are the alternatives? I will answer all of these questions in this article. 

So, should your carbon seatpost grease be done?

No, you should not grease your carbon seatpost. Grease is not applicable for seatposts that are made of carbon frames. Grease causes damage to carbon frames as it hampers the CF structure. Also grease makes the seatpost slippery. For carbon seatpost you can use carbon paste.

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Should I Grease My Carbon Seatpost?

Seatposts that are made of carbon fibers are pretty unique. And yes it gets confusing how to treat that. So let’s answer the basic question, “Should you Grease your Carbon Seatpost?

No, you should not do that as it will damage your seatpost which is made of carbon fibers. Greasing metallic seatpost is great but never grease carbon seatpost.

Greasing the seatposts of your bike is a good practice as it helps them to avoid damages. You can use grease on seatposts and other parts which are made of aluminum or steel. But not on carbon seatposts.

Using Grease on your carbon seatpost will cause great damage. Grease will break down the structure of carbon and might cause expansion of the seatpost. As a result, the seatpost will be jammed and might start cracking up.

After knowing about carbon seatpost you can choose which one to buy. To make it easy, you can choose between Carbon and aluminum seatposts. These two are great and you should choose between them.

So using grease is forbidden for your Carbon seatpost. Now we will talk about the alternative options.

Alternative Of Grease For Carbon Seatpost

As we have already mentioned, grease is not applicable on carbon seatpost. So the alternative to grease for carbon seatpost is carbon paste

Carbon paste is ideal for carbon seatpost and it is specially made to apply on them. Carbon paste helps the seatpost to have better friction and protect carbon frames.

Carbon paste is not really grease. It can be called a friction compound. Carbon paste increases the friction between your seatpost and the seat tube or frames. It also helps the carbon seatpost from cracking.

Carbon paste will give the seatpost a better grip so it doesn’t get slippery. It fills the gap between the seatpost and the frame. After applying the paste you’ll have to put less pressure while removing it.

Here’s our recommendation for the best carbon pastes you can use.

As of now, I will recommend you to use carbon paste for carbon seatpost. It will be most effective. And never use grease on your carbon seatpost.

Sometimes you can face other issues with your bike such as gear & shifter issues. If you want to change it then you can check it beforehand. It is one of the best in the market.

Why Carbon Paste Instead of Grease For Carbon Seatpost

Sometimes many people get confused and use oil or grease in their carbon seatpost. But that is absolutely wrong and can badly damage the carbon seatpost. Carbon paste will be the ideal option for it.

First of all, grease makes the carbon seatpost slippery, sticky and decreases friction. But carbon paste doesn’t do any of that. It increases the friction which allows a lower torque. Carbon paste also minimizes scratches.

Grease also makes the seatpost stiffer and as a result, it starts cracking up. Carbon paste just fills the gap to increase friction. It also makes it easier for you to adjust the seat post and gives you a smooth experience.

Carbon paste doesn’t smell bad and doesn’t ruin the paint that much. So carbon paste is safe all the way.

How To Apply Carbon Paste 

Normally when you buy a new bike you will not have to apply the paste. The manufacturer has already done it for you. After a few days when you need to apply the paste then there is a process that you should follow.

In the first step, you’ll carefully remove the post from the frame. Then clean the seatpost and the frames very precisely. And then let them fully dry. Make sure to dry them properly before applying carbon paste.

Now you’ll have to apply the carbon paste to the carbon seatpost. The good thing about it is that you’ll have to apply a small amount of paste one time. One packet of carbon paste will go a long way for you.

You will take just a little amount of carbon paste on your fingertips. Then just rub it around the bottom side of the seatpost.

Picking out a quality saddle is complementary to your seatpost comfort. Good quality Italia Saddle can be a good pick here.

Castle, just install the carbon seatpost on the mainframe smoothly. And after that, you’ll be good to go.

How To Stop Carbon Seatpost From Slipping

Many people don’t use carbon paste as they think the seatpost might get slippery. But that is not an issue. If you install the seatpost properly this should not happen.

Sometimes the seatpost slips because of the clamp. If the clamp doesn’t tighten properly, your seatpost might slip. 

To get rid of this problem, make sure to use a clamp that matches your seat tube size. So while buying the clamp, buy the clamp that fits your bike.

Your seatpost might also slip because of the access use of carbon paste or grease. If it happens then remove the seatpost and again apply it. Follow the method that I mentioned above while applying carbon paste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Use Grease On Carbon Fiber?

Well, Grease is not safe for carbon fibers. Sometimes you can use it on them but in long term it can cause problems.

How Do I Stop My Carbon Seatpost From Creaking? 

You can apply carbon paste or fiber grip around the seatpost to stop it from creaking. Follow the method mentioned above while applying carbon paste or fiber grip.

How Do You Clean A Carbon Tube Seat?

Pull out the seat post and then check if there’s any water there. Then clean it with a fabric and then let it dry properly.


In this article, we have answered everything about the carbon seatpost grease issue. If you should grease it or not. We have also mentioned what you should use for carbon seatpost as grease is not ideal for them.

A tip for you is that, try to keep your carbon seatpost as clean as possible. Don’t let any dirt or water stay in the seatpost for a long time.

That’s all for now. See you later.

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