Can You Fit a 9 Speed Hub With 10 Cassette?

Sometimes, it becomes quite difficult to pick the right hub or cassette for your bike. Because of the fact that they both needs to be compatible. 

That’s the reason most brands provide interchangeable parts. However, there are still some confusion, whether your 9-speed hub and 10-cassette will match or not.

So, you want to know about 9 speed hub with 10 cassettes?

In most cases, your 9-speed hub and 10-speed cassette will fit quite well together. Famous brands such as Shimano, Sram, and some others provide this interchangeable option. However, some bikes may require some additional parts like a spacer. So, depending on your bike, the procedure will vary.

As mentioned, your bike may or may not fit with your required hub and cassette? I know you are still a bit confused about it. Don’t be stressed, buddy! That’s why I’m here.

So, let’s examine the possibilities of the hub and cassettes in detail now!

Can You Fit a 9 Speed Hub on a 10 Speed Cassette?

As it was said earlier, you most probably won’t run into an issue. Your bike hopefully will support both your 9-speed hub and 10-speed cassette. Don’t believe me? Check it out by yourself!

But there’s a catch. Let’s find out what that is!

When you have the freehub and cassette from one brand, you won’t have to worry. Because the manufacturer offers a similar type of fit throughout its consecutive lineup. Shimano freehubs even support different SRAM cassettes as well! 

So, your hubs will easily fit with Shimano 10 speed cassette. However, all the hubs are not the same. That’s why you need to know about your hubs as well as cassettes.

For example, Sram XD requires a different freehub due to its 10-tooth cog system. Some other brands require different parts and components. I’ve discussed about the parts that you’ll need in the later part of the article.

But will everything go as smooth as it sounds? Well, the answer is no. Sorry to disappoint you! There are some problems that you might face while doing this. 

Problems That You Might Face

Well well, it’s quite obvious that there will be some problems in the mix. Even the popular nuvinci hub has problems too! So, problems are just a part of your daily biking experience.

The first thing to mention is the fit. Sometimes, the spacer might not have rabbit holes in them. 

Thus, putting the cassette on top of the spacer will create some wobbling issues. You can avoid this problem by drilling the holes in the hub yourself.

However, you need to keep in mind the distance between the ribbits and fitting. Otherwise, the wobbling will continue.

The next thing to mention is the freehub on the bike. While most 9/10/11-speed freehub supports many cassettes, some might not fit nowadays. The reason is that the manufacturers change the size and width of the hubs. 

For example, Shimano moved their hub to an 11-speed size on road bikes. So, you now have more distance between hub and cassette. For that reason, your fit may not be good enough.

To solve this issue, you can use compatible spacers to get a nice snuggle fit. Also, tighten the lockring carefully and you will have your smooth bike rides.

Now, you might be thinking about a specific question. What are those parts I may need to fit the hub and cassettes? Well, I do have the answer to your query.

So, let’s look at what you’ll need for your 9 speed hub bike.

Things You’ll Need

Let me give you some good news before I mention the items. You won’t need tons of items to fit your hub with cassette 10-speed

I know it’s a relief that you won’t require a lot. Because budget is always a restrain on our experimenting mind!

With that being said, let’s start with the first component you need. And that is a bike spacer. But here’s a catch as well! 

Does all the bikes require spacer?

Your regular MTB bikes don’t require any spacer. Because mountain bikes tend to have a tight build. There is not much space in the hub and cassette. That’s why most bike hubs will go with 10 Speed Bike Cassettes. Even your 9-speed one!

Are you now thinking that when will I need a spacer?

It’s the road bikes that need a spacer to properly fit the hub and cassette. Because road bikes tend to have quite the width difference. So, your 9 speed hub width may not match your 10-speed cassette. 

Using a spacer will deliver that smooth biking experience.

If you are looking for good-quality spacers, I have just the right suggestions for you! Here are some of the cyclist’s recommended spacers that’ll give you that smooth experience-

If you already have some spare spacers, good for you. You are on your way to fitting the components. 

However, you may still need another bike part to complete your setup. And that’s the shifters. Yes, you may need to replace the shifters if they don’t fit.

I know it’s quite the drag to purchase too many things. Still, I can relieve you from a part of the pain by recommending top shifters available! Here they are-

Now that you have those, you are ready to install the 10-cassette on your hub! 

Installing 10 Speed Cassette on 9 Speed Hub

Before you jump into the installation, you need to be clear about some things. Firstly, these steps are for the 10-speed cassette. So, your 11-speed cassette might not fit with the hub for these exact instructions. Because they are quite different.

You might have already seen the differences in 10 vs 11-speed cassettes. Also, avoid using a 9-speed cassette spacer. Because there can be some wobbling issues.

Okay, enough precautions! Let’s see the steps now-

Step 1 of 3: Removing the Old Cassette

First, remove the old cassette and bring out the new 10-speed one. To remove it you might need cassette lockring. 

Can You Fit a 9 Speed Hub With 10 Cassette?

Source: YouTube

Step 2 of 3: Place the Bike Spacer

Then, place your spacer and check the fit. 

Can You Fit a 9 Speed Hub With 10 Cassette?

Source: BikeRadar

Step 3 of 3: Align the Cassette with the Hub

Lastly, push down the cassette and make sure it fits with the 9-speed hub gear. Set up the other cogs and gears and that’s all!

Can You Fit a 9 Speed Hub With 10 Cassette?

Source: BikeRadar

After examining the fit, you’re done. Isn’t it quite easy to install your new cassette with your bike hub? So, you can get started with your installation without any stress.

That’s about everything you need to know for now! Now, all you need is a good old ride into the wild.


Do 9 and 10-speed Hubs Have the Same Dimensions?

Many think that the 9-speed and 10-speed have a substantial difference. However, the MTB cassettes usually have only a 0.7 mm difference in thickness. That’s a very minimal dimensional difference and that’s why they are interchangeable. So, you can easily use one or the other for your mountain bike.

Do 9-speed and 10-speed Have the Same Width?

With most brands, you’ll get the same width from different cassettes. So, chances are that your 9-speed or 10-speed will have the same dimensions. But there can be a little difference, depending on the particular brand. In most cases, different cassettes from the same brand have the same width.

Is it Possible to Convert My 9-speed Wheel to 11 Speed?

While you can convert and interchange freehubs, the same is not possible with wheels. You have to buy a new 11-speed wheel and then place it on your bike. However, if you already have an 11-speed wheel, you can convert it to a 9-wheel. For that, you’ll need to remove the spacer and sprocket.

Wrapping Up

I hope you’re now well aware of the 9 speed Hub with 10 Cassette. I think you won’t have any problem with the installation and the fitting.

Still, if you encounter any problems, comment down below, and hopefully, you’ll have your answers.

So, go on and enjoy your new customized biking experience!

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