Can You Fit 12 Speed Cassette On 135mm Hub?

Who doesn’t like an upgrade for their beloved bicycle? It’s such a great matter of importance when it comes to cycling enthusiasts. 

Having the right upgrade according to one’s individual needs can be very satisfactory. Upgrading cassette is another common phenomenon among cycling enthusiasts.

So, can you fit 12 speed cassette on 135mm hub?

Yes, you can fit a 12-speed cassette on a 135mm wide hub without a problem. To double-check, take both of the cassettes and compare their width. Typically if you are using a 135mm hub then a 12-speed cassette can be mounted. Upgrading to a higher-speed cassette gives your a smoother transition between gears.

Interested to know more? Then don’t worry! This guide will help you with that.

So let’s get started.

Is a 12-Speed Cassette Compatible with A 135mm Hub?

Yes, a 12-speed cassette is compatible with a 135 hub. Also, 135mm rear hub 11 speed is the most common combination in any modern bike. So you can easily upgrade your 10 or 11-speed cassette to a 12-speed one.

Can You Fit 12 Speed Cassette On 135mm Hub?


1×12 135mm set of gears are quite popular nowadays. However, if it’s a road bike, you most likely have a 130mm hub. Then a 12-speed cassette will not be compatible to be fitted with it. Just like using an 11-speed cassette with a 10-speed hub, it’s possible to be done but not particularly good for your bike. 

However, a lot of times the 135mm hub might not support the 12-speed cassette. It is determined by the cassette you want to use. You may need to use a 142mm or 148mm cassette.

Installing a 12-Speed Cassette on a 135mm Hub

Installing a new cassette is fairly an easy task. The cassette’s and hub’s compatibility is the primary and only factor you need to keep in mind. After you’ve double-checked that, you may begin the installation.

However, if you’re unsure about your technical abilities, consult an expert. Now let’s check out the simple steps to install the 12-speed cassette.

Step 1: Gathering the Tools

You will need some simple tools to install the new cassette on your bike. These tools are:

The first tool that you’d be needing is the cassette lock ring tool. Without this tool, you cannot install a 12s-speed cassette on a 135mm hub. 

Second, a chain whip will be required to keep the cassette in place. Finally, you’ll be needing a wrench to tighten the cassette after it has been installed.

Can You Fit 12 Speed Cassette On 135mm Hub?

You can move on to the following step if you’ve acquired these two tools.

Step 2: Removing the Old Cassette

Use the chain whip to wrap around the cassette to fixate it in place. Make sure it’s firmly seated on the cassette. Otherwise, it may get displaced and injure you. 

Now, take the lock ring tool and lock it inside the cassette’s internal.

Hold the cassette in place with the chain whip, then remove the lock ring with the lock ring removal tool. Put force onto both of the tools to loosen up the cassette from the hub. 

Make sure both of the tools are turned in the opposite direction. Take out the old cassette and now it’s time for installing the new cassette.

Also, make sure to use good quality lube throughout the process. Some parts of the chain or cassette may get stuck over time. As a result, it’s important to use lube to loosen up these stubborn chains. 

Now, not all lube or grease is ideal for this. Some of the lubricants that you can use are given below:

By using these you’ll have an all-over smoother process. 

Step 3: Installing the 12-Speed Cassette

Now take the new 12-speed cassette and slide it in through the hub. Hold the cassette in place by holding it firmly with help of the chain whip. 

Remember to do it from the opposite side this time. Now lock the ring removal tool and tighten the new cassette into the hub.

Can You Fit 12 Speed Cassette On 135mm Hub?


You may check out the comparison between 46t and 50t cassettes for a better understanding.

 If you are looking for a freehub then shimano 8910 freehub can be a good choice. Below are some more recommended ones for your convenience.

And there you have it. The new 12-speed cassette is all set to be used. Double-check if you have tightened the cassette firmly. If you didn’t then it might get displaced while riding. It can also be risky to ride with a loose cassette.

Why Upgrade to a 12 Speed Cassette?

There are many reasons for upgrading to a 12-speed cassette. It has many very obvious advantages. But like anything it also has some disadvantages. 


Even though the advantages are not that obvious. Let’s check them out.


The primary objective of upgrading to a higher-speed cassette is a wider range of gears. That’s why it gives your more adaptability while riding your bike through different tracks. Since there are more gears, the shift is smoother.

Consistent Pedalling Cadence

You can have little to no jump between gears on the cassette. So you can have a consistent pedaling cadence even when the terrain changes.

Easy Gear Shift

The distance among cogs is tighter on the 12-speed cassette. This has the same total size as the 11-speed. But it adds a benefit for shifting the gears.

The derailleur does not have to move as far to change gears. As a result, shifting becomes significantly quicker, smoother, and more efficient. Obviously, cadence plays a role in all of this, and a greater cadence will optimize the benefit.


Now let’s move on to some of the disadvantages of this upgrade.

Shifting Between Gears is Too Easy

When it comes to shifting performance, having a smaller space between sprockets is a double-edged sword. A smaller gap implies less leverage is required to shift gears.

However, this means misaligned derailleurs, sticky cables, and old chains can cause issues more often. This is in comparison to lesser-speed cassettes. 

But the latest iterations of gears can self-adjust and this isn’t an issue.

Things to Remember

Even though higher speed might sound cooler or better, that is always not the case. First determine if you really need the upgrade, or if it really brings in utility. If it doesn’t then going through all this trouble is worthless.

Can You Fit 12 Speed Cassette On 135mm Hub?


For instance, if you’re upgrading from speed 11 to speed 12, the difference will be negligible. Also, it may need to change the hub or bring other adaptations in specific cases. In that situation, it might not be worth it to change the cassette.

Also, check out some problems that you may face while installing the 12 speed cassette from this video-

This will give you an idea about what may go wrong in the installation process and give you ideas on how to avoid it.

Lastly, consider whether you really need a 12-speed cassette and then decide.


Is There A Cassette That Will Suit Any Hub?

No, there is no cassette that will suit any hub. However, the majority of hubs are compatible with Shimano cassettes. The cassettes of the most commonly used brands have the same inter-sprocket spacing as Shimano. But some SRAM 10-speed cassettes will not fit Dura-Ace hubs with aluminum bodies.

Are All Freewheels Interchangeable?

No, all freewheels aren’t interchangeable. Although, all freewheel hubs have the same thread. Also, they can accommodate single, 5, 6, 7, and perhaps 8-speed freewheels. The hub’s function is determined by the dishing of the wheel. And the use of spacers on the axle. It can be quite confusing.

Can I Use A Shimano Hub with An SRAM Cassette?

Yes, you can use a Shimano hub with an SRAM cassette. An SRAM gear can be used with a sprocket with their Shimano groupset, and vice versa. Just a Shimano cassette can be coupled with an SRAM chain, and vice versa. All Shimano groupsets are compatible with SRAM cassettes and chains, and vice versa.


That will be all from our side for this guide. Hopefully, we were able to answer all your questions regarding 12 speed cassette on 135mm hub

If you have a hard time installing 12 speed cassette on 135mm hub then it’s better to call a mechanic. A mechanic knows what they are doing and thus can install it quickly.

Until next time!

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